Tyla has Been Thinking and is back with a music video to show it

January 30, 2023

African singer and songwriter Tyla has released an energetic and captivating new single and music video titled Been Thinking via FAX Records/Epic Records. Directed by the renowned Meiji Alabi and co-choreographed by Fatima Robinson, the video has received over 115,000 views in its first weekend. 

The track’s driving beat and dynamic vocals perfectly capture the spirit of the accompanying visual, which features intimate vignettes and African-inspired choreography.

The beautiful Tyla photographed by Garth von Glehn.

Tyla has been making waves in the international music scene with her unique fusion of Amapiano with ethereal pop R&B vocals. Her debut single “Getting Late” featuring Kooldrink, has received over 5.5 million views worldwide, and her follow-up tracks “Overdue” and “To Last” have earned critical acclaim from PAPER Magazine, I-D, CLASH, The Independent, and more.

Tyla’s music offers a fresh take on pop and R&B, infused with her vibrant personality and the euphoria of South African Amapiano. Her versatility as an artist has led to her signing with Epic Records through a joint venture with FAX Records and co-management by We Make Music and Africa Creative Agency. With her big dreams and carefree spirit, Tyla is poised to achieve international success and make her mark in the music industry.

Tyla’s journey in music started when she was just 12, writing songs in her diary. As she continued to write and sing in high school, she followed her intuition, which has led her to where she is now. As she performs and prepares for her debut studio album, Tyla is focused on the year ahead, with the same intention as when she first started. Get ready for more from this talented artist soon!

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