Growing up I always had a flair for anything and everything that would make me stand out. A catch-22 seeing how I was – and still am – one who prefers to blend in with the wall. Nonetheless, I couldn’t ignore my love for the kind of style that was predominately street, comfy and somewhat outlandish.

My main annoyance was that my aesthetics were not quite readily available. If I truly wanted to get them, I’d have to go digging and hunting in the Ganges themselves. Little did I know that this would be the seed that would birth Just Trimmings. Watered and nurtured by my digital content production training, culinary skills, hospitality background, sound engineering discipline and my general interest in life and all that is encompassed in it.

We are about it

Just Trimmings

Just Trimmings is an online platform that embraces all aspects of life that enrich us. Started off as a simple online store that sells sunglasses, has expanded into a blog that covers beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Continuing to grow to incorporate more products, restaurant and accommodation reviews and recommendations, we hope to inform and entertain you. Not forgetting the communities that we are part of – we will forever strive towards a better world. Not afraid of touching social issues, we will also shine a light on them in hopes to contribute and play our part to eliminate them.

From music, movies, fashion, events, travel and all that is in-between- these are all the perfect accessories to the lives we live. Accompanied by our online store, it is the ideal place to find the perfect trimming to adorn yourself in. Please do keep checking in or subscribing to our mailing list to be kept up to date on the latest in our store.

There is never a reason to fit in especially when you can stand out.

Just Trimmings – For All Your Fixings.
Lerato Mareletse