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ARTSPLIT – making prestigious African art accessible

August 24, 2022

Long gone are the days when art was considered to be for the elite or only meant to be enjoyed in galleries. ARTSPLIT has created a new art economy by creating a community for art lovers across the continent to enjoy and invest in African artworks. The company is digitizing the space by having an App that allows investors, art collectors and artists to have visibility, flexibility and secure access to buy and sell artworks – such as the above piece titled Market Day by Edsa Oguigo. 

The community of collectors benefit from the flexibility of either co-ownership or full ownership, with opportunities for physical custodianship of these artworks for a period, enabling them to enjoy art that they love! It does not end there! ARTSPLIT also provides opportunities for owners of investment-grade African art to list their works, and have them evaluated and sold to members of the community.

Ogolo(Agboho Mmuo)- Ben Enwonwu

ARTSPLIT, the pioneering art trading platform for investment-grade African artworks is set to launch officially in 3 of its key operating regions across Africa. Mainly, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana. The App allows art lovers to trade their splits of prestigious African artworks in real-time. There is an option for corporate brands with a Pan-African and Diaspora footprint to lease artwork for their office and business premises. 

Minnie Dlamini will also be the facilitator for the ARTSPLIT, taking art lovers through the amazing innovation that they have created.   

ARTSPLIT will be at Keyes Art Mile in Johannesburg to showcase some works and create dialogues on the importance of the new art economy. 

Join the community of art lovers with ARTSPLIT

Date26 August & 3rd September
VenueKeyes Art Mile, Rosebank 
Time2 pm

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