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Enjoy Playful Escapism At Kunye With Monkey Shoulder

March 3, 2024

Multi-award winning whisky Monkey Shoulder invited us to celebrate our rich musical culture at Kunye’s 6th edition. Held in Sandton at the Mushroom Farm Park, it was a music lover’s dream come true that saw all of us dancing our hearts away on a beautiful summer’s day!

Kunye x Monkey Shoulder did not disappoint and brought us together to celebrate our rich musical culture in the vibrant landscape of South African music. The partnership between Kunye and Monkey Shoulder Whisky emerges as a harmonious blend of culture, passion, and innovation. 

With Kunye’s mission to unite artists and fans in a celebration of South African musical heritage and Monkey Shoulder’s commitment to blending the rules and bringing playful escapism to whisky enthusiasts, the collaboration represents a vibrant fusion of creativity and enjoyment. Carla Breganski, Marketing Manager at Hendricks Gin, Monkey Shoulder & Tullamore Dew at The Really Great Brand Company, spoke to me about the partnership between KUNYE and Monkey Shoulder Whisky and what we can expect from this dynamic duo.

Monkey Shoulder Whisky
A whisky made for mixing.

Kunye x Monkey Shoulder Whisky

What sets Monkey Shoulder apart from other blended malt Scotch whiskies?

Monkey Shoulder is a Whisky that blends the rules. Monkey Shoulder is 100% Malt Whisky, that is expertly blended. Balanced enough to be enjoyed neat, yet bold enough to be mixed. No other whisky brings such smooth, rich versatility to a whisky drinkers repertoire because only Monkey Shoulder marries the finest Speyside single malts together in small batches.

How does Monkey Shoulder cater to the preferences of both seasoned whisky enthusiasts and those new to whisky?

Monkey Shoulder brings top-notch quality to both seasoned whisky enthusiasts and those new generation drinkers. Monkey Shoulder brings small batches of three different Speyside single malts, expertly blended together.

Single malt whiskies are distilled using 100% malted barley, which adds a more robust flavour, and usually has a longer aging process which generally makes them more premium, thus appealing to a more seasoned whisky enthusiast in terms of flavour and aroma. Monkey Shoulder delivers on its mellow vanilla with spicy hints flavour, as well as it’s zesty orange, mellow vanilla, honey and spiced oak aroma, while encompassing a refreshingly approachable positioning. With it’s playful attitude and commitment to the unconventional, it brings a great Scotch to a new generation of whisky drinkers.

Why did Monkey Shoulder decide to partner up with KUNYE?

Kunye brings together the most amazing people, in an event that fosters a music family, combined in their celebration of what is innately theirs, proudly South African and supportive of each other. Kunye means ‘Together as One’ and anyone that has been to the festival will feel this togetherness. Monkey Shoulder is making whisky more playful and fun, and Kunye is the right platform to foster that Playful Escapism.

How has the reception been for the Kunye X Monkey Shoulder whisky bundle?

The Kunye x Monkey Shoulder bundle provides the festival goers with a more elevated experience through access to the VIP area and added value of their drink of choice while at the festival.

Monkey Shoulder Whisky
The ladies kept the party going at the Monkey Shoulder marquee at Kunye.

What inspired Monkey Shoulder to partner with Kunye, and how does this collaboration align with Monkey Shoulder’s values?

One of Monkey Shoulders passion points are mixed music, which focusses on culturally relevant music that is approachable, inclusive, upbeat and fun. While as mentioned, Kunye fosters a music family and literally means ‘Together as One’. This was the perfect blend between two awesome brands and personalities to bring about the Kunye x Monkey Shoulder partnership.

Are there any special activations or experiences that attendees can look forward to?

You’ll see us at every Kunye festival for the rest of the year, with the 26 of October 2024 festival being our biggest one, where we pull out all the stops to make it an amazing experience for all the festival goers. Further than that, we have Dungeon Nights hosted by Budapest in Soweto, Bread 4 Soul that occurs monthly and many others coming up.

Lerato Mareletse Monkey Shoulder Whisky
Your local blogger enjoying playful escapism at its best.

How does Monkey Shoulder Whisky complement the experience of attending a KUNYE event?

Monkey Shoulder globally focusses on 3 passion points to ensure consistency in communication – Street art, Street Wear and Mixed Music. The decision to partner with Kunye provides Monkey Shoulder with a platform who is pushing the boundaries in the music industry, in the same way we are. Monkey Shoulder understands and appreciates South African culture and wants to bring the very best experience to every consumers that interacts with the brand, to ensure a memorable experience for everyone.

How does Monkey Shoulder support the African electronic music scene and culture through partnerships like the one with Kunye?

Monkey Shoulder is embedding itself in Urban Culture, and activating in spaces that are culturally relevant to the consumers. We want to create Playful Escapism for consumers, for a break from the day-to-day to really foster upping the mood. By playing into the South African music scene, we’re investing in the industry to draw even more consumers to this scene to build a culture like no other.  

Kunye Monkey Shoulder Whisky
A must attend by all music lovers.

Are there any upcoming events or initiatives where we can expect to find Monkey Shoulder being featured?

We can’t give all our cards away, so you’ll need to wait and see what amazing plans we have coming in the future. One thing we can tell you is that Monkey Shoulder is shaking things up.

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