Experience the Thrill of Safari At Lalibela Game Reserve

March 20, 2024

Safari’s secret season: the perks of a winter safari at Lalibela Game Reserve

One can’t help but feel a sense of adventure and danger when they go on safari. Sitting pretty in the open safari vehicles is a forever mood. It’s a relaxing drive where you hope to see live-action that is close enough to touch.

I’m a sucker for safari holidays and usually pick them over coastal vacations. The further from the city, the better, and I almost always aim to travel during the quieter seasons. Having only been on safari in two of our nine provinces (Gauteng and Western Cape), I now have a new goal of going on an expedition in the remaining seven before I go over the rivers to our neighbouring countries to do the same.

Without a doubt, I’m going to need my journey to take me to one of my favourite provinces in SA – Eastern Cape. The second largest province in South Africa is home to Lalibela Game Reserve. Sitting on a healthy 10,500 hectares, the game reserve houses the famous Big Five and a couple of other predators as well. 

Lalibela Game Reserve Safari
For the love of all things wild life. Image: supplied

Winter Wonderland Safari

Naturally, because I love vacationing in winter, I will be visiting during our colder months (June-August). Summers are great for safari as well, but there is something uniquely special about one in winter. The crisp air is a literal breath of fresh air. Daytime temperatures average a cool 20 ºC, resulting in more expansive game viewing. The drier months also make for mesmerizing viewings as the animals tend to flock to the waterholes. Having seen this only once before, I can attest that it’s a sight that will have you in awe.

The moderate temperatures are also make it more comfortable to embark on a Lalibela Walking Safari. A great option for those looking to connect with the land and stretch their legs . Another advantage, particularly for those who aren’t natural early risers, is that the sun comes up later in the day so you are never late for anything.

Luxury living at Lalibela

Lovers of luxury need not want for anything at Lalibela Game Reserve. Catering for the discerning traveller, they have six luxury lodges, each capturing a distinctive feature of the African safari experience. 

Kichaka Lodge and Mill’s Manor, both offer five-star accommodation and are the epitome of bush opulence.  

Inzolo Lodge and Tree Tops Safari Lodge redefine seclusion in the heart of the pristine wilderness. 

Mark’s Camp caters for family fun, and Lentaba Safari Lodge welcomes guests to unwind in a relaxed safari setting. 

At each lodge, guests are welcomed by the Lalibela family with warmth and sincerity. It would be a dream to walk into the carefully curated space with forever-lit fires and artfully placed blankets there to envelop you in a sense of well-being. 

And for those particularly sensitive to the cold, every step of the Lalibela experience is padded with thoughtful touches. Every room has heaters, plush duvets and extra blankets for added comfort. Lalibela Game Reserve also offers ponchos to keep guests warm and dry on game drives, in addition to a selection of seasonal food and an ever-available array of hot beverages. 

The winter safari Sion is easily accessible, thanks to direct flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town to Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth). An easy hour’s drive from Chief Dawid Stuurman International Airport, you’ll immediately be welcomed by the lush plains that encase Lalibela Game ReserveWelcome to hospitality and conservation converge in ultimate luxury. 

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