Faith K drops her first single, CHAMP, featuring pH Raw X

August 3, 2020

R &B/Hip-Hop sensation Faith K has dropped her first single titled CHAMP featuring pH Raw X. 

The track features English and Tsonga rhymes and is about aspiring to make money moves and be successful, just like the legendary football star Jomo Sono. 

This is the first slice from her forthcoming EP titled 20MINETOO. Faith K says, “Recording CHAMP was a trip. It was actually my first time [sic] in my home language and I have pH to thank for bringing it out of me. I’ve always wanted to figure out how to finesse Tsonga into raps and still be a jam.”

On the music video Faith says, ‘We shot the video with Nigel Stock and he literally made the song even better. The location of the video was different compared to other shoots. We didn’t have to move around. We had everything we needed in one yard and we got to play around with different scenes, till we got the right one, with the perfect energy.’

The forthcoming EP, 20MINETOO, is slated for release on 14 August and features some of Hip Hop’s finest, including Reason and Nadia Nakai. 

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