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Feng-shui your wardrobe

February 28, 2020

It’s crucial to start off a new year, not to mention a whole new decade, in the right way! Apart from a few obvious resolutions that you may have made like gym regularly or eating healthier, your style is one area of your life also worth reassessing.

One of the best ways for a new beginning is to perform a thorough sweep through of all your clothing and eliminating items that aren’t in line with how you’ve visualised your image for the year to be. Take a look at how to do just that with these 5 easy steps.

Step 1: The edit – sorting out your life one pile at a time.

Start by creating two separate piles, aptly categorised for garments that you’ll absolutely keep and the other for garments you’re done with. Think about the garments that are in constant rotation, these are items that you’ll essentially want to keep. If you cannot imaging giving up some of the items that flatter your figure and just fit the right way then put them in your absolutely keep pile. 

However, seeing as you wear those items frequently, their life span is questionable. You need to consider its’ current condition versus what it looked like when you first bought it. 

To make the selection process easier, ask yourself how much longer will you continue to wear it before it isn’t functional? If they’re starting to look a bit drab then it’s time to make a conscious decision to replace them and invest in similar items that you can wear often such as another pair of go-to jeans or a basic plain white tee to ensure longevity. 

Step 2: Goodbye – every ending has a new beginning.

It’s simple – this pile is for garments you’re ready to part ways with. Whether it be thoughtful yet unworn gifts or childhood keepsakes, if you hardly ever wear it and you truly don’t like it just get rid of it by donating it or letting someone else love it. I recommend giving to a charity or a resell and use the extra cash to invest in a brand new piece. Don’t throw anything away! 

The most common method to donate is to simply drop off your garments directly. Although acts of kindness are always welcome and definitely assist those living in unpleasant circumstances, some shelters may have particular regulations regarding the type of donations accepted and more. Get in contact with your local community centre, social services and churches to ask about their procedures for donating.

TIP: Don’t limit your donation to just clothing. Donate jewellery, makeup, handbags and just about anything you can imagine a woman will need to get started in a new life. 

Step 3: Cleaning up – it’s a practice, not a project.

Admit it, there’s something quite satisfying about seeing your clothes neatly arranged and being able to spot what you own at first glance. Develop a system for cleaning up that you can maintain. That way it will feel less like a chore and more like regular practice each time you do it. By keeping your wardrobe organised, it becomes a much easier process curating an outfit because you see exactly where everything is.

Make it a point to arrange your clothes by colour, fabric and categories such as business, evening and casual. Also, separate items that are off-season and store them away. 

It’s better than the ‘I have nothing to wear’ syndrome and the added bonus is avoiding time-wasting by packing things away after throwing it all on the floor looking for what you can’t find.

Step 4: Repairs and Alterations – measure twice. Cut once.

These garments require just a little tweaking. From the items that you chose to keep, see if anything can be refreshed with a visit to the tailor. After modifying some of the items that needed some TLC, assess what you’ve got to work with. Take inventory of items that are already in your closet then make a list of what you’re missing before deciding to buy anything new.

Never toss it, transform it! If you’re the creative type and prefer to get a bit more crafty, why not apply some DIY ideas and use your clothing to create something new and interesting that’ll revamp your wardrobe. A little cut here, a stitch there and you’ll restyle your clothes into new pieces. 

Step 5: Retail therapy – shopping is always a good idea.

Now for the fun part. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to new clothes, however, if you want a cohesive wardrobe this year, you need to try figuring out what you want your style image to be, because sometimes a spontaneous purchase in the heat of the moment isn’t even worth the money.

Be savvier with your wardrobe accumulation. Before you make a purchase see if you can produce at least three outfits with it. Don’t get me wrong, if you like something then, by all means, throw it in the bag. But if you’re just nabbing something because it’s on sale, think it through and your purse will thank you. My top tip is to purchase staple items such as jackets or trousers in neutral tones to build your wardrobe, this way you can always dress them up or down with bold, colourful and chunky accessories.

And whatever you choose to purchase don’t forget to pull it off with a smile, it’s the only thing you can’t buy or replace. 

Here’s to a Happy New Year and a fabulous new wardrobe! 

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