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Five feel-good hacks for those off days

July 20, 2021
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Yho! What a month Mzansi. Between JZ’s arrest, the inevitable extension of lockdown level 4, looting, the 9-5 and a cancelled flight for a much-needed trip – I am running on an empty reserve!

I have decided to take a welcome hiatus from the news. It is proving hard as I frequent these Twitter streets and have the urge to keep up to date. To substitute, I will be indulging in feel-good content and activities only. A necessity at this point because breaking down right now would make matters worse. Besides, a change of focus is required at this moment. Even if just for a second, it will aid in replenishing much-needed energy and a chuckle and feelings of goodness are always a delight.

So! To get out of this funk I find myself in, I will resort to the below. These are tried, tested, true and my ultimate go-to for feeling good.

Five feel-good hacks for those off days

1. RuPaul’s Drag Race

All of them! If you haven’t watched it before, then you are in for a treat-treat! Best advice – start from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 1 episode 1 all up until the latest season AND THEN start RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars season 1 episode 1. Trust me on this one. You will know who’s who through and through, which comes in very handy as you get to the later seasons and get the references. Once you are done watching it – go back in again as you will pick up on what you missed the 1st time around.

Honey! These queens are a quick feel-good fix. You will come for the show and stay for the shade but more so the heart! Real and relatable, Ru provides a safe space for all regardless of whatever you may think you should be shunned for by society. 

Honestly, I just wanna meet him, hug him and thank him for all he has gotten me through. Thank you, Mama Ru.

The lovely thing about this feel-good hack for them off days is that it is easy as a click-click. Available 24/7 and is the easiest of the five feel-good hacks.

2. Carbs

Say what you must honey, but comfort starts from the inside. There is nothing like a hug in a bowl, on a plate and a glass of course all nestled in your hand! A quick fix that I only indulge in when practising my intermittent fasting and stop once I am full. 

A pleasurable spoil, I love my garlic bread, papa le any rich protein (think mogodu and stews), pasta, pastries, bakes, fries, chips and whatever else I might have missed. Personally, it is best served either hot, with something hot and definitely with something to wash it down with. 

If you are going to, please indulge responsibly. For example, popcorn is a great substitute for chips. And, as I have mentioned before, intermittent fasting helps me keep myself in check when I’m not checking for myself.

And just as a side note – deep-fried, crunchy carbs are the best πŸ‘Œ.

Five feel-good hacks
Isn’t it beautiful?

3. Exercise

Now, this is a tricky one. Usually, when one is going through it, one doesn’t feel like getting up let alone a whole exercise. But one thing is true – that exercise will come through with those much-needed endorphins. A feel-good sensation brought on by the much appreciated naturally occurring hormone. 

Go on and drag yourself to where you work out and get into that cardio or strength training. Bitch all the way through the workout and pat yourself on the back for finishing it – period. 

Exercise is always a double win. 

4. Spa treatment

Feel free to make it an at-home feel good hack. Whether it’s coughing up money to professionals to take care of you or doing it yourself – take time to take care of yourself.

For instance, feel free to: 

  • Mix equal parts brown sugar and coconut oil for a DIY moisturising facial scrub
  • Buff your nails and paint on your favourite colour 
  • Draw a bath with bubbles, oils and salts for a treat. 

Whatever it is, relax and be submersed in yourself.


5. Get creative 

At times, pent-up creativity results in stress. Babe – just purge. 

Truly do you boo! Whatever that looks like. Is it:

  • Creating your own brief and photo shooting TF out of it
  • Going ham on that nail design
  • Cheffing it up in the kitchen and creating a masterpiece
  • Sharpening your pencils for your colouring book
  • Whipping out the canvas and paint for your life
Five feel-good hacks
Get it out of your head and in a medium you can see and feel.

However you do it and whatever it is- just do it.

These are my top five feel-good life hacks when life doesn’t feel all that great. It happens. When it does to you, I pray you can recognise it and get yourself out of it.

Should it be deeper than feeling a bit down and beyond the five feel-good hacks, please do not feel any sort of shame. Be honest with yourself and get in touch with organisations such as The South African Depression And Anxiety Group (SADAG). They are present and ready to help.

Always remember – you are in charge of your own happiness.

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