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Update: Flying Fish to flavour your taste buds and ears this summer

September 19, 2019

September the 18th saw Flying Fish kicking off the 2019 sunny season with a treat for our auditory systems. With the first-ever live ASMR session held at Sir James Van Der Merwe in Kramerville, it was a tantalising experience that sent pleasurable tingles down the nape of our necks.

Rowlene doing the most hunties during her ASMR session. Image supplied

The ASMR experience was delivered to us by the ever so sweet and pretty SMA singer Rowlene Bosman. With earphones on, we got hear what it sounds like when Rowlene takes a bite of a sweet gooey honeycomb and devour it in all its stickiness. She then went on to sooth our minds with a munch of a frozen popsicle, crunching of ice-cubes, snapping bite an apple, and the melody of popping candy exploding in her mouth. She finished us off with everyone’s favourite vibration – the twist and pop beat a cold Flying Fish bottle cap makes before making its rhythmic descend into an empty glass with its crackling glory.

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and it’s the relaxation and sometimes euphoria experienced in response to a gentle stimulus – usually a certain soft sound. Flying Fish has tapped into this global trend and is inviting South Africans to join them as they explore the feeling of what Flying Fish tastes like. 

Flying Fish Marketing Manager Colleen Duvenage says “Flying Fish has built its brand on flavourful experiences and this is no different. We have tapped into the overwhelming international popularity of ASMR to encourage South Africans to explore the crisp refreshment and fresh flavour of Flying Fish with all of their senses. We are taking the enjoyment of Flying Fish one step further by engaging in both the sounds and feelings which our refreshing liquid evokes.”

After the festivities of the auditory system, Rowlene took to stage and marinated an intimate crowd to some of her more traditional performances. More tunes were brought into the mix in the form of Una Rams Manu Worldstar.

Guess who made the ad 👀…

Being the first time seeing either party perform, I was impressed by the stage presence that these two young male African artists commanded. Having the crowd follow their moves, they interacted seamlessly and made their audience part of the performance. I have to say that Una Rams is such a sweetheart y’ll. Full of energy and life, he comes across as a real human being who is approachable and I suspect that will do wonders for him in his future. Manu Worldstar – the name says it all. Already well on his way to the top, he will soon be one of South Africa’s greatest exports.

Faves seen included: 

  • Slikour
  • Moonchild
  • Tino Chinyani
  • Michelle Mosalakae 
  • Farieda Metsileng

Laidback and easy, shoutout to Flying Fish for the chilled vibes. If this is the bar set for this summer, then I assure you all that we are in the good hands with Flying Fish.

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