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Justine Tissue Oil Active Repair: Skincare for Active Lifestyles

July 3, 2023

Justine introduces a new Tissue Oil innovation for active lifestyle consumers

Celebrating 50 years since it changed the face of South African skincare by creating and introducing the iconic Tissue Oil in 1973, Justine, South Africa’s trusted personal care, cosmetics and fragrance brand, has introduced an innovation in its Tissue Oil portfolio that complements the lifestyle of active consumers.

The new Justine Tissue Oil Active Repair is suited for fitness enthusiasts who experience sore muscles after a workout and for people who experience muscle tension due to stress, poor posture or sitting in a fixed position for too long. It soothes painful muscles and conditions skin with a uniquely formulated Tissue Oil to quickly help ease muscle pain and tension and enhance skin nourishing and repair.​

Justine Tissue oil relieves muscle tension

“With South Africans showing a spiked interest in fitness and health over the years, and with the huge amount of time spent on laptop screens and other devices, it is our intention to ease the burden of workout and muscle tension on our consumers,” says Edwin Kodinye, Head: Beauty Categories at Justine. “When massaged into the muscles, the Tissue Oil Active Repair helps relieve post-exercise strain while promoting improved blood circulation. It can also be used before exercise to stimulate, energise and refresh the senses while relaxing the muscles to relieve pain, tension or strain.”

a massage therapist massaging a client s bare back
Use the Justine Tissue Oil Active Repair at your next massage appointment.

The Tissue Oil Active Repair has the power of the original Tissue Oil, enhanced with a natural blend of: 

  • Menthol
  • Mint
  • Eucalyptus essential oils

Its unique heating complex also soothes tension and improves the skin’s conditioning function.

Kodinye adds: “Our Tissue Oil lovers do not have to replace any of their favourite Tissue Oil range and can add the new Tissue Oil Active Repair to their skincare routines. The new product complements the existing Tissue Oil which contains a trusted, superb blend of naturally-derived oils, vitamins and essential fatty acids that help to improve the overall appearance of scars, stretch marks and sun damage in just 2 weeks* as well as the Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy, a breakthrough night-time tissue oil that is formulated with all the nutrients of the original Justine Tissue Oil, with added essential oils and botanical extracts to enhance the skin repair cycle during sleep, while also promoting improved sleep quality.”

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