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Let Flying Fish Feed you as you #EatWithIt

August 3, 2021
Flying Fish

The best way to bring people together is with food and drink, and nobody knows this best than Flying Fish. Prompting you to #EatWithIt, they have partnered up with Uber Eats to make sure you wash your fresh eats with your Flying Fish.

True to their fresh, innovative ethos, Flying Fish will be opening their very first kitchen on Uber Eats. Taking responsible drinking up a notch, The Flying Dish Kitchen is here to encourage you to eat first before enjoying your Flying Fish. It will make sure that you have the opportunity to enjoy yourself for longer. 

Zachary Kingston Flying Fish brand manager says, “Taking a moment to appreciate a new innovation of world-firsts, Flying Fish x Uber Eats is saying: eat now, drink later. This, like many of our campaigns truly make you go: #WhatTheFlyingFish? But you have to #FlowWithIt. After all, you can’t enjoy yourself to the fullest unless you have a full stomach. The goal is to inspire lovers of a cold one to #EatWithIt and always eat when they drink.”

Flying Fish
Always be sure to #EatWithIt

It has been proven time and time again that eating before drinking is good for you. Eating slows down the absorption of the alcohol into your bloodstream but it will ease the hangover as well. Drinking on an empty stomach should never be an option and with Flying Fish, it never has to be. Research shows that eating a good, hearty meal also helps combat your blood alcohol concentration levels and dehydration.

Kingston adds that “Flying Fish is a brand that prides itself on bringing lighthearted fun to consumers who are over the age of 18+ only. As a brand we brew a beverage of moderation , that is to be enjoyed responsibly. We do this by making it easy and fun for consumers to associate smart drinking choices, with food, whilst giving them practical means to eat before they drink, this we believe is a smart behaviour pattern which we continue to affirm.”

You can look forward to succulent ribs, gourmet burgers and meatless wings from Chef Neo Nontso and Chef Alex Torrao and their trusty crew of established chefs. The Flying Dish Kitchen will open in Johannesburg and Cape Town (to follow), six days a week from 12h00 – 20h00.

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