Maximise your life with the LG Vivace AI DD Washer Dryer

November 11, 2022

We live in a busy world where rushing from one thing to the next has become routine. With little time to, as they say, ‘stop and smell the roses,’ chores typically take a backseat. That’s where multi-purpose home appliances could make a world of difference. Because, let’s face it, the last thing you want to do when you finally get home is worry about having clean clothes for the following day.

This is where LG’s innovative Vivace AI DD Washer Dryer Combo comes in. Available in Black steel and Stainless Silver, it not only adds a modern touch to your kitchen or laundry room but also maximises space. Its AI DD technology, incredible washing and cleaning power, anti-allergen functionality, smart connectivity, and impressive capacity make it THE appliance to add to your home. So, let’s look at these benefits a little closer.

LG Vivace AI DD Washer Dryer

Intelligent care for your most treasured clothes

In a world where fast fashion has become a norm, it’s natural to be wary of your clothes losing their lustre after a few washes. Even washing things like a tailored shirt or pants might strike fear all the way to your bank account. LG considered these concerns and designed a machine that actually protects your clothes wash after wash. AI DD refers to the intelligent technology the machine uses to detect the weight and softness of the fabric all while automatically optimising the washing cycle to care for it.

Once an appropriate setting has been selected, the right cycle is applied, so your laundry is not damaged. 

LG Vivace AI DD Washer Dryer
Make life easier with the LG Vivace AI DD Washer Dryer

An innovative way to save energy and time

As you’re gearing down for the night, what could be easier than popping a load of laundry in the washing machine as you settle in to watch an episode of your favourite series? Connect your Vivace Washer to the ThinQ app and check the progress of your load without moving from the couch – you’ll even get a notification when your load is done. The Vivace works faster, smarter and more efficiently and uses up to 26% less energy than your standard washing machine.

Once the laundry’s done, you can also manage the rest of the process from the ThinQ app. Select the drying cycle that works best with whatever you have in the loader or Steam cycle to eliminate up to 99.9% of allergens. And as a bonus, this technology also ensures 30% fewer wrinkles, giving you some extra snooze time in the mornings. From work wear to cotton-based favourites, this machine is sure to put the iron out of commission.

Bigger capacity in the same space

Upgrading to the Vivace is no problem. Simply slot it into the old washing machine’s spot. But just remember it comes with one significant improvement: more room for laundry! The larger sizes mean it can accommodate everything from chunky knits, jeans, linen and even stuffed animals. It’s the perfect appliance for people living on their own, living in a cramped apartment, parents with children and pets, and everyone in between.

Save yourself time and money, and opt for a machine that does everything. No more worrying about dirty laundry, annoying wrinkles or clammy clothes that didn’t dry properly overnight. Spend your time the way you want to and leave the chores to LG.

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