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Nelson Makamo debuts his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles

October 12, 2021

Globally acclaimed South African artist, Nelson Makamo, has opened his first independent solo US exhibition. This past weekend, he presented his latest body of work titled BLUE.

Blue has been in the pipeline since 2017. The exhibition has been put together independently. It brought together an all-female group of dynamic and progressive Black professionals who helped curate this landmark show. Due to the diversity in the contemporary art landscape in inner-city Los Angeles, Nelson and his team ultimately selected this location earlier this year to showcase his first US solo exhibition.

Nelson Makamo
Nelson Makamo

Currently, one of the world’s most sought-after visual artists of our generation, this well celebrated 39-year-old South African artist has solidified his iconic artistic signature, steadily placed him on a global stage.

Nelson Makamo’s artwork has resonated with a global audience over the past decade. His work has been featured in various prestigious public and private exhibitions and collections in countries across the African continent, Europe and, recently, New York City.

Nelson Makamo
Nelson Makamo presents Blue

“Finally, my own independent international show here in L.A. It actually feels great. When the team and I initially started the conversation about this show in back in 2017, we didn’t realise the hard work and commitment that would go into it. And what a journey it’s been! Having just successfully opened this past weekend, made it all worth it for us,” stated Nelson Makomo and added, “with the latest piece of work BLUE, we don’t only want to share our story, but invite people to the exhibition to be a part of the conversation. As much as I live on the African continent, I don’t want my work to only have a frame of where I live in South Africa.

I want my work to resonate with people from all walks of life, from different races and backgrounds, the global community at large. It’s about connecting artists on a global platform through this exhibition. And lastly, like all my previous work, the underlined theme of this exhibition is about HOPE. When you think about the future, you think ‘HOPE. Looking forward to how the world received BLUE!”

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