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Empowering Entrepreneurs: Palesa Kouakou’s Inspiring Journey with Sorbet-Preneur

November 2, 2023

Sorbet-Preneur Initiative: Celebrating Palesa Kouakou’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Yesterday, on November 1st, the Sorbet and Bidvest Bank partnership celebrated its third opening in the North West with a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony in Sun City, marking the achievement of their latest winner, Palesa Kouakou.

Winners and Their Achievements

Three out of the four announced winners have now received their own stores through the Sorbet-Preneur initiative. Sharon Dikgale in Johannesburg, Zimkita Yeki in Cape Town, and the latest, Palesa Kouakou in Sun City.

Congratulations Palesa Kouakou on your new Sorbet Salon. Image: supplied

The Journey of Palesa Kouakou

Palesa Kouakou, a successful entrepreneur, role model, wife, and mother, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey after completing her beauty studies in 2012. She founded “Depalesa Therapeutic House Spa,” which initially focused on company wellness events and later expanded to multiple locations.

Transition to Sorbet

Driven by the desire to own a Sorbet store, Palesa joined the Sorbet Group, gaining invaluable learning opportunities. Her journey accelerated when she became part of Sorbet Rivonia Village, refining her skills and acquiring new ones.

Participation in Sorbet-Preneur Program

Supported by franchise partner Devon Murphy, Palesa’s participation in the Sorbet-Preneur program marked a pivotal moment. With Devon’s unwavering support, Palesa realized her dream of owning a Sorbet Salon in Sun City.

Palesa Kouakou is enthusiastic about the future, aiming to grow alongside her team and take Sorbet Sun City to new heights.

And we are open! Get all your beauty needs met these holidays at Sun City. Image: supplied

Celebrating Palesa Kouakou

Join us in celebrating the journey of this remarkable entrepreneur, mentor, and humanitarian, Palesa Charlotte Kouakou. Her commitment to empowering women and relentless pursuit of excellence serve as an inspiration to all.

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