Dive in to warmer weather with Plascon’s 2023/2024 Summer Colour Palette

November 14, 2023

Embrace the Blue This Summer

From coastal family holidays to poolside braais, summer in South Africa is synonymous with water. We flock to our blue expanses for some cool respite from the fierce sun. But there’s another, subconscious, reason why water is so important to our health and happiness: being in or near blue spaces, such as rivers, lakes, and seas, substantially boosts our emotional well-being.

At a time when concerns for our health and that of our planet are high, blue offers a sense of calm and optimism for a lighter and brighter future – which is why Plascon selected a trio of blues as its Colour Combination for 2024. Now, in preparation for the upcoming hot season, Plascon has released its 2023/2024 Summer Colour Palette.


‘Dive In’: Plascon’s Aquatic-Inspired Hues

‘Dive In’, an ode to aquatic-inspired hues, captures the essence and tranquility of clear ocean waters, with eight carefully curated colours for both interiors and exteriors.

The brightest of the shades, which happens to also be the most prominent of the three colours in Plascon’s Colour Combination for 2024, is Caribbean Sea (G7-A1-2). A glistening blue-green teal, Caribbean Sea infuses your spaces with a sense of freshness, rejuvenation, and beachy charm.

Offering a contemporary contrast is the muted Aegean-hued Sea Adventure (B3-D1-1).

Restorative Combinations

A layered combination of crisp North Beach (B4-B1-1) and its paler counterparts, Aqua Pura (G7-C2-2) and Innuendo (B3-B1-3), creates a restorative and uplifting mood in living rooms and bedrooms.

Minimalist Neutrals

Minimalists will enjoy adding touches of blue to their spaces without compromising their aesthetic, thanks to the palette’s neutrals: Aqua Pura (G7-C2-2), Wintergreen Mist (G5- C2-3), and Moth Mist (Y6-E2-3).

Pared-Back Blue Spaces

For those wanting a pared-back blue space, the greenish-turquoise of Sea Adventure (B3-D1-1) and neutral beige Moth Mist (Y6-E2-3) are a perfect pair, while the rich, dark teal of Sea Quarry (G7-D1-1) combined with the pale sea salt of Wintergreen Mist (G5- C2-3) creates a tonal effect. And if you want to add depth to a room without the harshness of blacks and grays, Sea Adventure (B3-D1-1) and Sea Quarry (G7-D1-1) are the perfect immersive darks.

Together, these eight diverse hues capture the full spectrum of natural blue spaces, from the sunlit ocean to moody lakes. Dive into a refreshing summer season!

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