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Salut to the zeitgeist of tequila – Don Julio

November 12, 2021

The first person to say that life is better with tequila was definitely on the money. More so when that tequila is the top tier Don Julio Reposado. A great accompaniment to meals and moments alike, you can add a splash of luxury with Don Julio’s 100% blue agave silky tequila.

The man that was Don Julio

Founded on the pioneering agricultural principles of Don Julio González and his pursuit of perfection, Don Julio revolutionised the tequila industry and set the standard for ultra-premium tequila.

The original luxury tequila of choice in Mexico, Don Julio® uses only the highest calibre, fully matured and ripened Blue Agave that has been hand-selected from the rich, clay soils of the Los Altos region of the state of Jalisco.
The Don Julio portfolio in South Africa currently includes Don Julio® Reposado and Don Julio® 1942.

Don Julio

The Day of the Dead

True to their Mexican tradition, Don Julio treated everyone at Altitude in Fourways to a celebration of culture and ancestry as we observed the Day of the Dead. It is a Mexican cultural holiday that is dedicated to paying homage to those who lived before us. Much like how we as South Africans pay respect to our ancestors, they too commemorate those that they love who have passed.

At the celebration, we were treated to professional face painters who transformed us into masterpieces. In addition to that, it showcased their signature cocktail. In a mini mixology class, they showed us how to make and remix our very own Paloma. It is a refreshing tequila-based cocktail that is citrusy with a burst of freshness. Of course, shots were taken as we toasted the night away. However the drink is taken, expect to savour the taste of tequila like no other.

Don Julio

Don Julio is the number one luxury tequila in Mexico and the fastest-growing luxury tequila in South Africa. It is recognised globally by the social elites. It is one of the best drinks to have and gaining popularity in South Africa. It is said that Don made this drink to indulge around a table with his greatest companions.

So, it is a true honour to get a seat at the finest table that is changing the tequila culture one luxurious sip at a time.

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