Samsung and Google Cloud Join Forces to Bring Generative AI to Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

January 21, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Unveils Groundbreaking Partnership with Google Cloud

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Google Cloud have announced a new multi-year partnership. The two powerhouses are bringing you Google Cloud’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology to Samsung smartphone users around the globe. Starting with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series announced at Galaxy Unpacked in San Jose, California, Samsung will be the first Google Cloud partner to deploy Gemini Pro and Imagen 2 on Vertex AI via the cloud to their smartphone devices.

“Google and Samsung have long shared deeply held values around the importance of making technology more helpful and accessible for everyone. We’re thrilled that the Galaxy S24 series is the first smartphone equipped with Gemini Pro and Imagen 2 on Vertex AI,” said Janghyun Yoon, Corporate EVP and Head of Software Office of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “After months of rigorous testing and competitive evaluation, the Google Cloud and Samsung teams worked together to deliver the best Gemini-powered AI experience on Galaxy.”

Samsung Galaxy S24

Revolutionizing AI Experience with Gemini Pro and Imagen 2

Samsung is the first Google Cloud partner to deploy Gemini Pro on Vertex AI to consumers. Built from the ground up to be multimodal, Gemini can generalise and seamlessly understand, operate across. It can combine different types of information including:

  • Text
  • Code
  • Images
  • Video

Gemini Pro on Vertex AI

Starting with Samsung-native applications, users can take advantage of the summarisation feature across Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard.[1] Gemini Pro on Vertex AI provides Samsung with critical Google Cloud features, including security, safety, privacy, and data compliance.

Samsung Galaxy S24

Imagen 2 on Vertex AI

Galaxy S24 series users can also immediately benefit from Imagen 2. It’s Google’s most advanced text-to-image diffusion technology from Google DeepMind to date. With Imagen 2 on Vertex AI, your Samsung can bring safe and intuitive photo-editing capabilities into users’ hands. These features can be found in Generative Edit[2] in S24’s Gallery application.

Exploring Gemini Ultra and Gemini Nano

As a result of the partnership, Samsung is also one of the first brands to test Gemini Ultra. It is Google’s most capable and largest model for highly-complex tasks. The S24 series will also use Gemini Nano, an on-device LLM delivered as part of the Android 14 operating system. By far the most efficient model of Gemini for on-device tasks.

“Together with Samsung, Google Cloud sees the tremendous opportunity for generative AI to create meaningful mobile experiences that stimulate and strengthen connection and communication for millions,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud. “With Gemini, Samsung’s developers can leverage Google Cloud’s world-class infrastructure, cutting-edge performance, and flexibility to deliver safe, reliable, and engaging generative AI powered applications on Samsung smartphone devices.”

[1] Galaxy AI features may require internet connection, Samsung Account login, and/or update to latest Android version. Product functionality may be dependent on your app and device settings. Some functions may not be compatible with certain apps or require additional software downloads, such as language packs. Availability of the service may vary by country, region, or market. Accuracy of results not guaranteed.
For detailed specifications and conditions, refer to your local Samsung website.

[2] Generative Edit requires a network connection and Samsung Account login. Editing with Generative Edit results in a resised photo up to 12MP. A visible watermark is overlaid on the image output upon saving. This indicates that the image is generated by AI. The accuracy and reliability of the generated output is not guaranteed.

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