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Savanna Alc Free 0.0%- same same but different

February 11, 2023

South Ahh’s most loved premium cider is back as the official-drink-of-officially-not-drinking, with the new Savanna Alc Free 0.0%. Launched with the same crisp, dry taste but less than 0.05% ABV, it is officially the driest alcohol-free drink around.  

Savanna Alc Free 0.0% is same-same but different, like a bunny chow and a kota, like pap and porridge, like Gqom and Amapiano. Just ask SA comedian: Schalk Bezuidenhout in the new campaign launching on 1 February 2023. Siyavanna SA, we get you!  

Savanna fans are big supporters of annual social practices like ‘Dry January’ and ‘Oct-Sober’, we want to meet them where they’re at, and give them what they want. This new Savanna variant is the perfect drink for all seasons and occasions.  

Savanna Alc Free 0.0

“How is Savanna Alc Free 0.0% created, you ask? We use the same method when making Savanna Dry, then the cider is de-alcoholised to less than 0.05% ABV, to deliver the same crisp, dry taste, and premium quality Savanna that you know and love,” says Eugene Lenford, Marketing Manager: Savanna Cider – Distell. 

It’s available nationwide in the iconic premium 330ml bottle, clearly labelled and fully compliant with South African legislation for alcohol-free products. Savanna supports moderation and responsible consumption, and all promotion of the new Savanna variant is in line with the code set out by the Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education. 

Savanna Alc Free 0.0%. Same crisp, dry taste but alcohol free.  

#StaySafe #SiyavannaSA 

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