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Tis’ the super sunny summer season

October 26, 2017

Spring has most definitely sprung, and if this is any indication then summer is going to be a scorcher.
To keep you from (literally) burning while still keeping it hot and cool at the same damn time, I have drawn up a list of my must-have items of what will be the most searing season this far.


With it only being October and temperatures already reaching an intense 30°C+, we will all need to slip into a protective layer of sunscreen right at the end of our beauty regimes. It is well advised to apply your sunscreen approximately 20-30min before getting dressed and going out. This is to allow for the product to soak into your epidermis, or else it’ll just rub off on your clothes (which are never at risk of skin cancer just by the way).
Most of us have an ideology that the higher the sun protection factor the better, right? Not at all according to EWG.org. Although sunscreens with a higher SPF do technically offer a little bit more protection than their lesser counterparts, they too may, in fact, be a hazard to your life. I recommend you stick to ye ol’ trusty SPF 30 sunscreen. It blocks almost 97 per cent of UVB radiation.
Don’t be afraid to slather it on and reapply it after swimming, every two hours or 80 minutes if you are sweating profusely (paulaschoice.com).


One of my all-time favourites is the Nivea Sun Invisible Spray SPF 30. It is lightweight, non-greasy and absorbs fast into the skin. And the best part about it? No white streaks!


mpr211085f0The Vichy Ideal Soleil Hydrating Milk Face and Body SPF 30 is so lux. Being hypoallergenic means it is friendly for the whole family, protects your skin from sunburn and premature ageing of the skin that is caused by continued sun exposure.

Sun hat

A great way to further protect your skin and look über stylish and vogue darling, is to get yourself a bomb a** sun hat. Not only do they shade your head and shoulders from the burning rays that can and will leave you red and sore; but they can also offer an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of up to 50. The most common types of sun hats are made out of straw and they date as far back as 3,200 BC in Egypt according to Hatbox.com.
Besides being used to protect the head, skin and shoulders from the blistering beams of the sun they have cemented themselves in the fashion industry.



Straw Sun Hat with Bow Detail

Loving the Straw Sun Hat with Bow Detail in tan from Spree.com. Also available in a warm shade of ivory white, grey and pale pink- you will definitly be spoiled for choice.



Paper braid Mona Sun hat

The Paper braid Mona Sun hat at Woolworths is the one should you want to give yourself an early Christmas present. This way you’ll are stylishly protected on Christmas Day should you be in the sun. You will be sure to turn heads while being right on trend with this khaki coloured hat. Be sure to care for your sun hat properly, this way it will last several summers if not a lifetime.


Yes! Our domain 😎! Absolutely love me some good ol’ new, used, old and all types of shades. I am a strong believer that not one single person can have enough sunglasses- ever. They are literally the perfect accessory to express yourself (or not) as they sit on your face and somehow manage to exude whatever it is that you are feeling.
Sunglasses are, without a doubt, at the forefront when it comes to protecting our eyes from UV rays and other harmful radiations that our bright star emits on us on the daily (cloudy or not). Sun damage to your eyes can cause, but is not limited to:

  • Clouding of your eyes lens that can cause vision problems (cataracts)
  • Macular degeneration
  • Non-cancerous bumps on the eyeball (pingueculae)

Should you choose not to whip on them stunners, you could do irreparable damage to your eyes. And we all know what “they” say – prevention is better than cure. Since we all know this to be, we need to do best in them fabulous stunners darling.


Just Trimmings Thursday 01 June 2017 Sunglasses 4

The Geo Avi

Our aviators with a geometric style and multicoloured lense are one of my faves. They are a great way to break away from the norm while still basking in the glory that is hot summer days. For just R150 from our store, you can be sure to protect your eyes in frugal style.


Just Trimmings yellow purple steam punks Thursday 10 August 2017 1

The Royal Sunshine Steampunk Sunglasses

There are not as many things in life that get us going quite like a good pair of steampunk sunglasses. This fashion made its debut in the Industrial Revolution all the way in the 1800s and is still the most futuristic style to date. We have a variety available in different styles. For just R300, they are still utterly a steal.


Water. Water. Water. Do I need to say anymore? Ok. Electrolytes. Shall I continue? All right then.
We all should know that water is at the essence of our being. Besides keeping us hydrated; elevating energy levels; keeping us regular; and flushing out toxins from your body; it is one of the key components of keeping us young. The fountain of youth is not a myth- it is something that is actually recommended that you drink 8 glasses a day of! Jazz up your water by adding pieces of fruit or even spice it up with some cayenne pepper to add another dimension to it.
bottle-2553215_960_720Let us know how you keep it hot and cool this summer and what your must-have items are for the super sunny summer season.

-Lerato “QueenLarrry” Mareletse

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