Tshwala Bam: A Game-Changing Amapiano Hit

March 8, 2024

Viral Sensation TitoM and Yuppe Top The Charts With “Tshwala Bam”

Viral sansation TitoM and Yuppe, alongside the dynamic duo S.N.E & EeQue, have unleashed a seismic wave with their latest track, “Tshwala Bam“. This anthem of infectious beats and electrifying energy has swiftly carved its path to the summits of music charts, marking a momentous victory for the artists and the genre alike.

Since its official release on the 23rd of February, “Tshwala Bam” has dominated the charts, boasting an impressive array of achievements:

  • #1 SA iTunes 
  • #1 on YouTube
  • #1 on Audiomack
  • #1 Shazam in the World (Dance)
  • #2 on apple music
  • #1 Spotify Daily Chart
  • #3 Shazam Worldwide 

The track’s ascent to greatness doesn’t stop there. “Tshwala Bam” has solidified its reign at the top, maintaining its position as the #1 song on SA iTunes for a remarkable three consecutive days. This unparalleled success is a testament to its undeniable appeal and the unrivaled talent behind its creation.

Tshwala Bam viral dance challenge

The track gained initial traction through a widely popular viral dance challenge, amassing over 753,000 TikTok videos featuring the song. This challenge has sparked a widespread trend, as individuals humorously showcase their struggles to master the dance, while others enthusiastically share their standout moments executing the famed two-step dance. 

Moreover, “Tshwala Bam” is not only setting records but breaking them too! With an astounding 1M-2M streams, it is poised to make a groundbreaking debut in the Top 5 on the SA Spotify Weekly Song Chart, a historic achievement for 2024. This milestone further underscores the track’s cultural impact and widespread acclaim.

The infectious charm of “Tshwala Bam” extends beyond traditional platforms, captivating audiences across social media with the #tshwalabamichallange. A testament to its virality is the fervent participation in the TikTok challenge by notable public figures like Somizi, Bontle, Robot Boii, Pearl Thusi, lady Du, and even international sensation Davido. This widespread engagement speaks volumes about the track’s universal appeal and its ability to transcend borders.

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