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What the University of Cotton Fest 2022 had in-store for us

April 28, 2022

Antigen test results, check. ID, check. Ticket, check. Cotton Fest merch – they have a spaza shop at the venue. 

This was my first Cotton Fest experience and I was more excited than nervous. Based on the pictures and videos from past events, my expectations were high. 

The event started on a high note. There was order at the entrance of the event, you made your way up to the last security personnel with ease. 

We were greeted with free Stimorols with 6 different flavours to choose from. As we made our way up, the first thing we saw was the Cotton Fest Campus Store. Now it’s time to fix that merch problem I had earlier. 

First off, there was a variety of hoodies, t-shirts, shorts and caps. As long as the line was, it was worth the wait. I would have preferred it better if it was more like an open market than waiting 45 minutes to an hour just to get inside. 

Artists had started performing so I couldn’t waste any more time. Moved around to see the Cotton Fest who’s and what’s what and landed at the Family and Friend’s section.  

Cotton Fest 2022 was a feast of activities with games from basketball to skating. Oros was serving free juice, Puma was on-site and Legends Barbershop made sure that everyone too busy to cut their hair the day before got a fresh cut.

Cotton Fest 2022
Legends Barbershop at Cotton Fest making sure everyone’s fade is on point. Image source: Twitter/CottonFestJHB

Naturally, wanting something to eat before heading to the stages to break a leg, the street style menu had everybody in mind. The food was plenty, even though it was priced to the brim. But who could blame them, everything has gone up. There wasn’t much of a variety drinks wise but it was enough to keep us going through the event.

Fully fed, Jäger shots down the throat, a drink in hand – I am ready for the stage.

Cotton Fest 2022 had 3 stages. Not a fan of the multiple stages because if you are into all genres of music. You end up missing out on key moments and performances that you would have liked to witness.

Out of the performances I saw, I got to give it to Cassper Nyovest. He knows how to pull a crowd. Cassper certainly needs to give Zoocie Coke Dope some energy because his performance was too laid back. 

Jägermeister Brass Cartel, on the other hand, came on stage twice and both times was a treat. They performed old South African classics such as Brenda Fassie and Mandoza’s Nkalakatha.

Cotton Fest 2022
Everybody came out to celebrate the life and times of Riky Rick and what he has built. Image source: Twitter/CottonFestJHB

Wanting to record and take pictures of everything, your phone battery is bound to get low and die eventually. That time you are live on Twitter and Instagram and want to make sure everyone feels the heat. Power on the go with Adoozy Power rented power banks and made sure you don’t run out of battery. They really came in handy as one needed to request an Uber at 3am when the festivities ended.

I always hoped Riky would live long enough to build an actual university. A higher learning institution that would focus on the arts. A place where creatives would explore their talents and capabilities. I now trust Alain Ferrier to carry the dream, which I hope to see myself one day.

Speaking of Co-founder Alain Ferrier and the future of Cotton Fest, he plans to expand the event to Durban and Cape Town later this year. Keep an eyeout and eliminate the FOMO.

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