Ziiki Media Unveils A Revolutionary Pan-African Compilation Album

April 26, 2024

Ziiki Media Presents: ZiiBeats Vol.1 – Celebrating African Talent and Diversity

Ziiki Media, the distribution and entertainment company committed to celebrating African talent and diversity, proudly announces the release of their compilation album titled ZiiBeats Vol.1. With a vision to unite African artists and showcase the continent’s rich musical heritage, Ziiki Media presents a groundbreaking project that transcends borders and embraces cultural diversity.

Each track on the album features international collaborations, with artists, genres, and producers from different countries coming together to create a seamless blend of musical excellence.

Embracing Diversity in Six Unique Tracks

“This compilation is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a celebration of African unity and togetherness,” says Ria Nagar, Executive Director A&R and Marketing at Ziiki Media. “We wanted to create an album that represents the diversity and richness of the African continent while showcasing the incredible talent of our artists.”

The compilation album comprises six tracks, each showcasing a unique fusion of sounds and styles. The focus track of the compilation is an electrifying Amapiano collaboration by Rayvanny, Iyanna, and Zabba, produced by UK producer CEEBEAATS. This track is titled Zazazela and brings together multiple regions and exemplifies the album’s mission of promoting cross-cultural collaboration.

Other tracks on the album include an Amapiano anthem by Kingdmusic and K Zagga titled “Imali,” the track “Wahala” by Nandy and Khanyisa, Down by RayvannyLet it Go by Kingdmusic and Nandy and Love Crazy by Yammi and Lexsil.

“We’re thrilled to unveil this groundbreaking compilation album that showcases the diverse talents and cultures of Africa,” adds Ria. “We hope to inspire a sense of pride and unity among listeners while shining a spotlight on the incredible artists who call Africa home.”

The compilation is set to be released on the 26th of April 2024, marking a significant milestone for Ziiki Media and the African music industry as a whole. 

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