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Add Innovation To Your Skincare Routine With Clere

January 23, 2024
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Clere Unveils the Ultimate Skincare Convenience with their 2-in-1 Body Crème and Tissue Oil Pack

Clere, a leading brand in female body creams in South Africa, proudly introduces the Clere 2-in-1 pack. This innovative product combines a 400ml Clere Body Crème with a 60ml bottle of the brand’s new Tissue Oil. It’s designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s skincare enthusiasts.

In response to the dynamic preferences of modern women, it takes a bold step forward with its unique 2-in-1 pack. This offering merges the nourishing benefits of Clere Body Crème with the innovative Tissue Oil. According to brand manager Su-Marie Annandale, this solution is crafted to provide a seamless skincare experience. “With the understanding that many women seek to enhance the moisturising properties of their creams and lotions with additional oils, especially during harsh seasonal weather, we’ve crafted this solution for a seamless skincare experience,” explains Clere brand manager Su-Marie Annandale.


The Benefits of the Clere 2-in-1 Pack

1. Consumer Convenience

The Clere 2-in-1 pack simplifies the daily skincare routine by combining the benefits of Clere Body Crème and Tissue Oil into a single, easy-to-use package. This eliminates the need for separate skincare products, offering users the simplicity of a unified skincare solution.

2. Innovative Design

The pack features a thoughtful design, combining a 400ml jar of Clere Body Crème with a detachable 60ml bottle of the brand’s new Tissue Oil. Users can conveniently customize their skincare routine by mixing the tissue oil into the body crème, allowing for a personalized and enriched skincare experience.

3. Versatile Nourishment

The Clere 2-in-1 pack provides versatile nourishment for the skin. With the inclusion of its Tissue Oil, it caters to the diverse needs of the skin throughout different seasons. Whether combating the dryness of winter or protecting against the harsh effects of the sun, this solution adapts seamlessly to meet the demands of every climate.


4. Popular Variants

Available in two beloved variants – Cocoa Butter and Lanolin & Glycerine – the 2-in-1 pack ensures that consumers can enjoy their preferred formulations with the added convenience of this innovative product. Su-Marie Annandale ensures that users can seamlessly incorporate this skincare solution into their daily routine without compromising on their favorite fragrance and formulation.

The Clere 2-in-1 pack redefines skincare by combining consumer convenience, innovative design, versatile nourishment, and popular variants into a singular, holistic solution. It caters to the dynamic needs of users, providing a customizable and enjoyable skincare experience that simplifies daily routines and enhances overall skin health.

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