Review: Five Avon fragrances to try out this summer

November 19, 2020

Ironically enough, nothing says #WatchMeNow more than having a perfume that adorns your skin. A perfume, which makes people pay attention and leaves a memory of you after you are long gone, is one of the most powerful accessories you can amour yourself with. 

We have all experienced perfumes that do nothing except assault the senses of all who get a whiff of it. This is one of the reasons why it’s very important that you pick your scent carefully. Thankfully, with Avon fragrances, you can find the perfect perfume for you. Having five in my possession, here is what you can expect from each one of them.

Luck Limitless Eau De Parfum for Her

Avon Luck Limitless Eau De 1 for Her

Initially attracted to this one because of its baby blue box packaging with a gold bow and details, I further fell in love with it because of its bottle design. 

Charmingly enclosed in a gift box with a bow – A BOW – on top, the light baby blue liquid inside is a burst of joy and freshness. A flirty scent with a citrus burst that gradually mellows out into sweetness. Avon Luck Limitless Eau De Parfum for Her is perfect for any day time activity such as picnics and luncheons.

Avon Maxima Eau de Parfum for Her

Maxima Eau de Parfum for Her perfume

Sweet and potent was my first impression of this perfume. Bound to make the room turn with you, it has a top note of sugary nectarine that is slowly softened by the bitter warmth of the base note immortelle flower. 

A little bit spicey, Avon Maxima Eau de Parfum for Her is great for power-move days. Think boardroom, cracking the whip, taking over the world – that sort-of thing.

Far Away Rebel & Diva

Avon Far Away Rebel & Diva perfume

Step into your alter ego and stay there for as long as you want. Being very sweet, floral and spicy, I immediately picked up on the caramel base note. This on its own is so intoxicating, which is what will linger on the most after the burst of spicy peppercorn gradually dissipates throughout the day. 

An enjoyable perfume to experience, I found myself deeply inhaling it as I got a hint of any note. It is a good everyday perfume.

Avon Herstory

Herstory perfume

A pure burst freshness. Be ready to be submerged in nature. A breath of fresh air, clean water and a woody wonderland! The patchouli and vetiver base notes carry and enhance the refreshing cocktail of the iris flower and the Bourbon pepper middle and top notes accordingly.

A gorgeous scent for all the bushbabies out there. Enjoy it while being one with mother nature! 

Attraction One

Attraction One perfume

Avon’s first-ever androgynous fragrance! The Avon Attraction One comes in two variations – Intense and Fresh. I have the former. Attraction One Intense is extremely spicy with deep cardamom and sandalwood notes smacking you in the face from jump. Although this is unisex, Attraction One Intense is marching very confidently on the thin line of being more masculine. 

Intense is a perfume for those that possess a palate for a rich taste. The rest, tread carefully.

Whether you are looking for something sweet, fresh, spicy or musky – Avon has a healthy range of fragrances that you can pick and choose from. Feel free to shop their bundle where you can get a body lotion, the full-sized Eau de Parfum and the pocket-sized spray as well.

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