Amanda Black asks Kutheni Na in new single featuring Kwesta

June 7, 2021

Esteemed singer, Amanda Black is back with a powerful hit single Kutheni Na featuring multi-award-winning musician Kwesta. The release of the single also launches the pre-order of the platinum-selling singers latest album Mnyama.

A gifted songwriter who is known for her vocal prowess, Amanda address several issues that currently plague us. Songs filled with stories of:

  • Sorrow
  • Tragedy
  • Mental health 
  • Unfortunate occurrences brought by the global pandemic which has robbed the world of countless lives 

Hauntingly beautiful, the singer transports you from deep melancholy to a place of hope. Kwesta’s emotive verse details growing pains, his journey and paying homage to his hood as well as the tragic loss of his friend, the legendary HHP.

Produced by Christer Kobedi and Vaughan Fourie, Kutheni Na interrogates our collective faith, bravely facing what is a deep uncertainty in the world. Amanda is known for her hit singles such as: 

  • Amazulu
  • Thandwa Ndim
  • Ndizele Wena 
  • Vuka among others

Having performed on various stages around the world and worked with distinguished artists, Amanda is a force and Mnyama vividly paints the power in vulnerability and surrender. 

“It’s been a tough time for everyone around the world, we have seen a lot of suffering and yet we are still hopeful. We want better days, we have questions and our people do not have answers. We seek healing from the incredulous losses we have experienced during this time and I hope people can find it through my story in Mnyama,” commented Amanda.

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