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Amarula defines #ALittleSomethingSomething about Africa

February 17, 2021

The enigma of Africa is hard to define. It is a continent with many significant characteristics, a rich history and offers unique experiences and memories to those lucky enough to set foot on its soil. Without a doubt, there is something undeniably special about Africa. It ranges from the clothes we wear, stories we tell, the connections we make, the way we speak and all the things we create. An element that can be felt, seen and tasted – this is the wonder of Africa.

Amarula Cream Liqueur, a unique offering from South Africa, has traditionally been known as an after-dinner treat reserved for a special occasion. But when considering the flavour and taste of Amarula and Africa, there is no single occasion or box to put it in. To signify Amarula’s distinctiveness, Distell has launched a brand new film to showcase not only the versatility of Amarula but also #ALittleSomethingSomething about Africa.

Amarula Cream Liqueur is for every occasion

“We started right at the beginning and challenged ourselves to think about the essence of Africa, what it means to us. When we started to try and explain it to each other it became apparent that there are no simple descriptions to explain Africa to one another. The one thing we could all agree to is that we all feel something when we think of Africa; we all remember something when we think of Africa and we all love something dearly about Africa. At this point we had to agree that #ALittleSomethingSomething will be the only way to describe Africa and to tap into our target audience and to enable them to recall ‘something’ for themselves,” says Felix Kessel, Executive Creative Director at Grey and Creative Lead at WPP’s agency for Distell, Team Liquid.

The new commercial, directed by Eggs Films, defines Amarula as the little something-something that is part of the bond between two lovers navigating their way through a long-distance relationship. Amarula is there for the late-night talks, the celebrations, the quarrels, delicious meals and cocktails and career successes.

“Maru, our heroine, unpacks contemporary Africa through her artistic day to day life, environment, vibrant colours and the people around her, while Joe is worlds away experiencing that inevitable tug that Africa exerts,” added Kessel. “Never failing to stay in touch and share their worlds, it is a happy moment when Joe gets to head back to Africa.”

The film leaves you wondering what will come next for these two. The homecoming, the late afternoon talks, the cocktails with friends, decadent deserts late at night, lounging next to the pool, a festive season feast with family and friends – all in the company of Amarula Cream Liqueur. Any occasion is suited for Amarula as a perfect serve or as part of a delicious cocktail, meal or dessert.

Mncedisi “Junior” Jekwa, Distell’s Marketing Lead for Brandy & Liqueurs adds that, “Similar to how Africa is a collective of experiences made up of its people, its culture and nature, Amarula is made from real Marula fruit. Grown in the wild and harvested only in sub-Saharan Africa, working in partnership with local communities and wildlife conservations. Amarula is Africa in a bottle and the Marula fruit is that little something-something that Amarula brings to the world. Amarula is the perfect accompaniment for those everyday occasions that connect and bring people together, to share in life’s simple pleasures. The new Amarula Cream Liqueur TVC is one step in our journey to bringing a new and modern expression to our Amarula story, while maintaining the warmth, vibrancy and optimism of Africa, and the unwavering quality taste that Amarula delivers.”

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