Beyoncé once said: Put a Ring on It

July 10, 2022

Rings – an accessory suited for both genders and can be worn in different styles. While some might wear a ring (or rings) as a simple fashion accessory that nods at personality, often they are worn depending on relationship status, cultural beliefs, history, and more.

Designer Kristin Weixelbaumer from Black Betty says, “Discovering the meaning of each finger is a skill that will make it easier to choose the perfect placement (and style) as putting it on different fingers signals different things to outsiders.”

Below, Weixelbaumer takes us through a short profile for each finger and how it can showcase your individuality.

What each ring symbolises on each finger


As it represents something quite distinctive, thumb rings can symbolise boldness and courage. In palmistry, the thumb signifies resolve and freethinking and presents you as an individualist who loves to do things uniquely.

The Tiger Ring in silver is a perfect choice as 2022 is the year of the tiger. It is said to inspire a strong sense of self-esteem and a wondrous curiosity to learn more.

Index Finger

Traditionally, the index finger was reserved for membership and family rings. Alternatively, it was favoured by kings and queens as visitors would bow down and kiss these rings as a sign of respect. 

In modern times it’s a splendid choice for off conversation piece rings. Being the most dominant finger, it symbolises the authority of leadership, ambition, and self-confidence.

Connect to your inner royal with this crown ring in either white gold, rose gold or yellow gold.

The Crown Ring in rose gold

Middle Finger

Although wearing a ring on your middle finger may not have a specific traditional meaning, it is highly noticeable and can symbolise power while commanding balance. You can have a lot of fun with large and imaginative pieces on this finger.

This pearl ring makes the perfect statement piece to take up space on your middle finger.

The Pearl Ring

Ring Finger

The fourth finger is known as the ring finger and is most commonly on the left hand. According to Western culture, it has a direct connection to the heart. Representing emotions, an engagement or wedding ring is commonly worn on this finger. Sometimes, the hand varies from culture to culture, but the finger stays the same. 

Pinky Finger

The ‘little finger’ or ‘pinky finger’ is associated with our intuition and attitudes to others and the world. It is thought that a ring worn on the little finger symbolises intelligence, intuition and communication that will intensify our bonds in business and personal relationships.

Kristin ends off by saying, “Although symbolism and traditions can give us deeper meanings and guidance, ultimately one has to wear their rings on the hand and the fingers that feel most comfortable for you.”

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