Butan & KWV Presents: Butan Creatives

August 28, 2023

Creative Fusion: Butan and KWV 3-Year-Old Brandy Collaboration

Creativity takes on myriad forms, capturing the essence of innovation. Whether through cutting-edge photography, graphic design, or the intricate craftsmanship of an award-winning brandy. For others, it’s found in a garment’s flow and swirl or the craftsmanship of an award-winning brandy.

In the captivating tapestry of South Africa’s unique heritage and perspective, creativity finds its expression through weaving together elements of visual artistry and spirits. Central to this fusion is Butan, a visionary force that has harnessed the power of KWV 3-year-old Brandy to establish a dynamic platform for creatives.

Butan Creatives. Image supplied

A New Perspective on Cultural Identity

This pioneering venture seamlessly merges the realms of photography, videography, fashion, and design, imbuing South Africans with fresh perspectives on their distinct cultural identity. Spearheading this project is the accomplished photographer, Mishaal Gangaram, known for his penchant for injecting unexpected twists into his visual narratives. Gangaram will orchestrate the inaugural phase, a journey encompassing the creation of visually enthralling photo and video lookbooks that explore the symbiosis of art, spirits, and fashion.

Uplifting Young African Creatives

Buyi Msithini, the Marketing Manager at Butan, articulates, “The launch of the Butan Creatives project marks a watershed moment that we believe will redefine cultural paradigms and uplift young African creatives.” The initiative is invigorated by a coterie of talented individuals, including stylist Sheli Masondo, hair artist Beezybraidsza, makeup virtuoso Skye from Children of Midas, videographer Alvyn Tona, art director Children of Midas, and behind-the-scenes (BTS) photographer and videographer EddyStep. Each member was meticulously chosen for their street culture acumen and resonance.

Butan Creatives. Image supplied

Embracing South African Heritage

Underpinning this artistic union is the burgeoning affinity of KWV 3-Year-Old Brandy among the contemporary generation of proud South Africans. This discerning group recognizes the brandy’s deep-rooted South African heritage and its skillful amalgamation, resulting in a spirited brandy distinguished by its rich, smooth, and fruity notes.

Celebrating Creative Brilliance

Alvin Saal, the Brand Manager at KWV House of Brandy, underscores the narrative: “Our message reverberates — creative brilliance manifests in myriad forms, and KWV 3-Year-Old Brandy, as the bedrock of our craft, harmoniously complements spaces, expressions, and gatherings that unite kindred tastes.” Saal affirms that KWV, an internationally acclaimed brandy label, venerates the constituent elements that coalesce to craft excellence, evident in their decades-long commitment to producing world-class brandy, further exemplified through their collaboration with the Butan Creatives project.

Butan Creatives. Image supplied

To herald this endeavour, a series of events will be staged in conjunction with Butan and KWV 3-year-old Brandy. Anticipate a stream of updates throughout 2023 as this remarkable partnership continues to flourish and inspire.

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