Cape Union Mart: Latest collection both practical and stylish

November 11, 2022

Friends of fashion obsessed with comfortable, sustainable and timeless garments are in for a treat this Summer with the latest collection from  Cape Union Mart. Their exclusive Rare Earth brand has set in motion an exciting new collection that resonates with them when they have you in mind.

Having launched on the 24th of October, the latest range celebrates a woman with flair. A collection that expresses just how beautiful clothes can be when form and function come together. Made for women, by women, the new Rare Earth collection is perfect for any occasion, whether indoors or out.

Susan Cherry, Outdoor Head Of Design at Cape Union Mart, says: “We are inspired by so much at Rare Earth. We love to look at our customers and what they tell us through what they buy. We merge that with some international trends to create a uniquely South African brand that is trend-relevant but not trend-led.” She adds: “We want our ranges to be comfortable, sustainable and have timeless appeal while retaining a sense of function and practicality.” 

Cape Union Mart
Rare Earth by Cape Union Mart

Classic and sustainable fashion

Since 2000, clothing unit sales have more than doubled to over 200 billion units per year. In comparison, the number of times an item is worn has decreased by 36%. Furthermore, according to Vogue, the fashion industry accounted for roughly 8-10% of the world’s carbon dioxide output last year. It’s evident that fast fashion is having a profound effect on the planet, and this is why everything about Rare Earth is done with sustainability in mind.

“We try to use sustainable cotton, linens, synthetics, and wash processes wherever we can. Most importantly – our style is classic – so it can be worn season after season because the best thing we can do to the environment is to not be in fast-fashion. We have layered this collection to all-wear and created set-dressing as an important part of our range,” Susan Cherry emphasises.

The Rare Earth Look

Drawing heavily from South Africa’s natural beauty and a collaborative team of South African women, Rare Earth is not just for women who love the outdoors. Any woman with a taste for style and a flair for practicality can flaunt her Rare Earth attire with confidence.

“This season Rare Earth mixes beautiful unique and homegrown prints with sustainable fabrics and classic, flattering silhouettes. Stone, pink, fatigue, and milk are also key colour schemes and designs we use to cater for those who enjoy something bold or a little understated. Most importantly our prints are so unique and designed by our in-house team which means you won’t get them anywhere else,” concludes Susan Cherry, Outdoor Head Of Design at Cape Union Mart.

If you are looking for a couple of Rare Earth staples to add to your wardrobe, try these combinations:

The oversized linen shirt and short set 

Perfect for any occasion, whether you’re staying in, running errands or safari travelling:

The flattering, floral and flowy Mickela Top

Flattering one’s silhouette, as well as adding a pop to an outfit with the floral print. The blouse features a rounded neckline, pin-tuck detailing on the front and back and flared short sleeves:

The Rare Earth Amara dress 

A classic yet casual wardrobe piece, sustainably designed for safari living and loving. The midi dress features a rounded neckline with pleated detailing, a subtle button-down placket, long sleeves with elasticated cuffs, and a drawstring tie at the waistband with gathered detailing, and all finished off with a statement floral print.

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