Create your ultimate family recipe keepsake with Food24 and McCain

December 8, 2020

Food24, together with McCain, launched a bespoke digital tool today that allows South Africans to preserve and rekindle family favourite recipes. The tool enables cooks to upload their recipes, view and choose from a selection of other recipes and then have them all printed as a personalised cookbook – made with McCain and delivered to their door.

This is the first time in South Africa that bespoke technology has been developed for a cookbook to provide a powerful and personal combination of digital media and traditional print, direct to the consumer.

Natalie Wilson, Head of Food at New Media says, “Friends and family gathered around a table or a braai is where we share news, discuss ideas, relate the details of our day. We celebrate over food, we mourn over food, we bond over food. South Africans are a culture that puts immense importance on family and tradition and, with all the restrictions that have been imposed on us, we may find ourselves feeling a little left out and distanced from our loved ones. This innovative project has been designed to bring technology and print together to create something that truly belongs to the creator and is a unique gift for those looking for something different for their family and loved ones this festive season.”

Your DIY family recipe book is only a few steps away. Image supplied

Each beautifully presented cookbook contains a total of 48 recipes:

  • Six of your family recipes with pictures or notes uploaded by you, the home cook.
  • Six of Food24’s most popular recipes, as chosen by readers.
  • Six McCain recipes featuring their products.
  • The remaining 30 recipes are a personal choice where the home cook can choose five categories from across the Food24 spectrum (see below) and get six recipes from each:
    • Baking
    • Desserts
    • Starters
    • Vegan
    • VegetarianDiabetes-friendly
    • Braai
    • Pasta
    • Salads
    • Under 30-minute recipes

Danielle de Villiers, the Senior Brand Manager at McCain says, “2020 may be the Year of the Pandemic, but it was also the Year of Home Cooking. As a family-owned business, McCain cherishes the opportunity for us to connect over food and maintain our sense of family and community as we venture into the future. We make real food that people love and this cookbook is intended to feed real moments of togetherness. We’ve partnered with Food24 on this project to provide a product that can be kept by families and friends for years and years to come, creating new memories while cherishing old ones.”

Food24 has proven to be incredibly valuable to South Africans during the lockdown. The brand’s total digital audience grew to 1 824 626 in April, a year-on-year increase of 36.9%.

Add all your favourite dishes in just a few easy steps. Image supplied

“We are committed to serving our loyal community and our new users who came on board during 2020,” says Natalie. “Our goal is to keep providing content for people who are passionate about food and to bring them more features to make Food24 even more useful to them over time.”

The cherry on top

Food24 and McCain are giving away 2 500 FREE personalised cookbooks. All you need to do is buy two McCain products and WhatsApp a photo of your till slip to 066 412 1584 to enter and stand a chance of winning your book for free.

For those who want to create several cookbooks for different loved ones, the digital tool will allow you to create individual personalised cookbooks at a cost of R400 ex VAT per book.

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