Fall fashion for the fashionista

March 28, 2018
With autumn quickly falling into winter (see what I did there?), I can’t help but embrace the season that is yet to come.
The tricky part with that is it’s not quite that cold, yet summer days are definitely gone. To help you out with the conundrum of getting dressed, I have drawn up a short list of three must-haves. These will keep you snug and at the forefront of fashion.


I couldn’t crave anything more than good fur right about now. Whether it be short or long, monochrome or print, it is sure to be the one to have. Get ready to be the centre of attention in this statement item. Do have fun with it in your favourite heals, boots, or even something sinfully sexy underneath.

Striking stockings

Not only are these one of the fashion accessories to have, but their functionality will keep you heated and cosy should it be nippy, and cool and comfortable if the weather opens up just a touch. Have fun with them in bold neon colours, muted colours, classic black, or keep it lighthearted and cheerful in embellished stockings.

A good fall/winter accessory to polish off your look while keeping your head warm is a classically classy french beret. Edge your outfit with a leather beret, romanticise yourself by adorning a classic soft wool felt beret, or wear one adorned with beads inspired by Africa.

Feel free to pair all of these together, or mix and match with your favourite staples such as:

  • A crisp white shirt
  • Jeans
  • Little black dress

Play around with the different textures, colours and designs, and just have a great time with it.
After all, fashion is supposed to be fun- no matter the season.
Comment below and let me know your fall fashion staples and how you’ll be wearing them in this frosty season.

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