Five make up trends to have fun with this summer

October 5, 2020
Photo by nappy from Pexels

This summer’s make up trends encourage us to embrace our natural features and how to enhance them with minimal effort and virtually no extra time added to your routine. It’s all about glowing skin, fluffy brows and flattering pastels. When looking fresh-faced in season, can you really make excuses for full glam again?

1. Graphic negative space eyeliner

This trend is all about creating interesting shapes. To get the effect, draw a classic cat-eye, then draw a similar line above the crease or below the brow. A white liquid liner is the most popular choice but feel free to use any colour you want. Take a cue from Janelle Monáe – have with it and experiment by adding a pop of colour and neons.

Try Scarlet Hill, pencil stick eyeliner R5,00. Mr Price

2. Feathered brows 

These are flattering for all and are quite easy to pull off, especially if you’re looking for a shift from sculptured ombre brows. The key to this trend is bushy brows – you want your brows to be as thick as possible! Don’t worry if your brows are a little on the sparse side. You can fill them in by drawing hair-like strokes using a brow pencil. Brush your eyebrows in an upwards motion using a spoolie and a little brow gel to ensure they will retain shape and remain firm throughout the day. Once you’ve done that, wait for it to dry, fill in your bald spots and then Viola!

Try Essence, Lash & Brow transparent gel mascara R45,95. Dis-Chem

3. Ultra Dewy skin

It’s super easy to achieve this sun-kissed glow and with minimal products. All you need is an illuminating primer or glitter moisturiser as your base! For more colour, apply a gold highlighter or bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face. Still feeling underdone? Draw attention to your eyes by adding a neutral metallic eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes. Finish off your look with lashings of mascara or falsies for extra glamour.

Try Revlon, PhotoReady Rose Glow illuminating primer R235,00 Dischem 

Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Hydrating And Illuminating Primer

4. Glossy eyelids.

Gloss isn’t reserved solely for lips! How do you get glossy eyelids? Here’s a simple hack: apply your eyeshadow as normal then using your finger gently tap (avoid rubbing the eyeshadow) a high shine long-lasting clear lipgloss to your eyelids. Trying this trend with pastel floral tinted eyeshadows, such as yellow, is the perfect selection for a bright summer face. It’s also easy to coordinate this look with a gold highlight.

Try clear lipgloss.

5. Neutral glossy lips.

This trend swings in the opposite direction of the popular matte lip. To achieve the look, outline the shape of your lips using a brown pencil, smudge with your finger to blend it out evenly, then add some shimmer to the centre of your bottom lip-this creates the illusion of a fuller lip-finally apply your lipgloss as normal. Opt for a nude or tinted lip gloss with a super shiny finish.

Try Rimmel Oh My Gloss – Crystal Clear 800 R95. Takealot 

Bonus: Faux freckles

This is a quick and easy way to change up your look. The great thing is that you probably own products needed to achieve it. Using a brown pencil or liquid eyeliner apply tiny dots where you would like your beauty spots. Remember to place them randomly, and there you have it.

Makeup trends are diverse. This summer season is inspired by achieving a “no makeup” makeup look with warm tones to make a subtle yet serious statement. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal and try these stunning new trends on your brows, lips and cheeks! Considering how flattering they are on a variety of faces. I say what not?

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