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Flaxseed oil redefines soap for health-conscious times

October 15, 2020

As hand hygiene and skin health become major priorities for individuals and families across South Africa, flaxseed oil has emerged as a healthy and effective way to improve skin health.

Flaxseed oil has been found to enhance the skin’s own ability to clean itself, boosting natural antibiotic protection and providing prolonged protection against bacteria. It also has internal health benefits – flaxseed oil contains omega-3, omega-9 fatty acids , and omega-6 fatty acids, which studies have found to have positive heart benefits1.

Flaxseed oil is also known to improve skin smoothness and hydration, to reduce inflammation, control sebum production, and to prevent pollutants from entering the skin.

As an ingredient in new Protex Flaxseed bar soap, flaxseed oil helps to protect against germs while penetrating the skin and boosting its ability to fight bacteria.

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New Protex Flaxseed launches today. The new soap offers South Africans revolutionary health benefits, incorporating this recognised bacteria-protection effect using pure, cold-pressed flaxseed oil. It has been shown to boost the skin’s natural defences for up to 24 hours after use.

“We believe an ingredient is not protecting unless ​it makes you stronger,” said Panagiotis Tsourapas, group President, Colgate-Latin America, Asia Pacific & Africa-Eurasia. “This is why we have added flaxseed oil to our new Protex bar soap. The new soap represents the biggest natural innovation in body care since the launch of Protex in 1985.”

Tsourapas said thanks to the protection that new Protex Flaxseed provides, people using it would now have greater confidence to get out and enjoy life.

“Protex Flaxseed gives you the confidence and freedom to reach out and touch everything good in the world,” he said. “New flaxseed technology protects against germs while also rejuvenating skin and making you healthier.

“By combining these health benefits, Protex is looking to improve our attitude to life. It’s about going beyond regular soap, and redefining what soap does for us.”

Protex Flaxseed soap

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