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Flying Fish launches a live billboard that you can interact with

May 9, 2022

When life gives you lemons, it’s only fitting to make some Flying Fish Pressed Lemon out of it. What else would you sip on after picking up your jaw from the floor from those What The Flying Fish (WTFF) moments?! And trust me -with Flying Fish – you’ll need it.

Being the pioneers that they are, they have decided to take ownership of these modern landscapes. They have created a playful, interactive inception experience for their followers to choose their own reality that will bring an entertaining source of fun, light-hearted escapism to their fans.

“As a brand, we are now encouraging everyone to take those moments in life where perceptions of our reality make us go: “What The Flying Fish? and embrace them, have a laugh at themselves, and then share that memory, because whenever you are faced with something delightfully unexpected, chances are you’re stuck in a Flying Fish ad. 

Flying Fish
Come on through and capture a moment with Tumi “Stopnonsons” Malita & Mashabela Galane.

How better to bring this narrative to life than presenting you with an opportunity to literally be stuck in a Flying Fish ad? Now you can. Take a flight from the mundane and flow with the possibilities. Fans can now join the movement and watch an ad within an ad. Enter the world of self-aware characters where they create their reality-bending moments online. 

Two well-loved South African comedians, Tumi “Stopnonsons” Malita & Mashabela Galane. With just under 1 million Instagram followers between them, they are making this a reality. You can find them, literally, stuck in a billboard, in person! Not just that but at one of the busiest intersections and traffic count areas in Gauteng.

Get ready for multiple 12 hour-long live-roasting sessions of passers-by on William Nicol drive on the 9th, 10th and 11th of May 2022. Keep a lookout on social media for content posted daily about the experience on the brand’s pages. Better yet, come on down and see what and how it all unfolds.

Flying Fish
Be sure to look out for the ad and see if you made the cut

Flying Fish is all about celebrating the unique and the unexpected and giving people a chance to experience things that are far from the ordinary. That’s why we consistently try and provide South Africans with new and exciting experiences and moments to enjoy. This is the very first time South Africa has seen something like this; we are revamping an ordinary concept and adding our flavour to it,” added Zachary Kingston Marketing Manager for Flying Fish South Africa.

There is always more to life than meets the eye. Infact, make it more by joining in on the Flying Fish fun and just #FlowWithIt.

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