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House Union Block presents Oedipus by Colijn Strydom

February 21, 2023

Fine artist Colijn Strydom relates the legendary play Oedipus the King to his own exploration of self-identity in his latest solo exhibition. Titled Oedipus, the exhibition, presented by House Union Block (HUB) at the Sisonke Gallery at the Cape Heritage Hotel, started on the 2nd of February and will conclude on the 2nd of April 2023.

Colijn Strydom

The Pretoria-born, Cape Town-based artist, performer and lecturer continues his career-long engagement with gender, whiteness and self-consciousness with a collection of drawings that respond to the Sisonke Gallery space. With the play as a departure point, Colijn Strydom unravels these themes in his delicate yet vibrant pieces.

Colijn Strydom

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