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Masonwabe Ntloko to debut solo exhibition Iliso Lo Moya

February 20, 2023

Dutywa-born illustrator, designer, and visual artist Masonwabe Ntloko will showcase his solo art exhibition on the 23rd of February, 2023, Iliso Lo Moya, at The Katmo Gallery in Parkhurst. 

Directly translating to “The eye of the spirit”, Masonwabe obtained the exhibition’s title during his visit home in December at a traditional family ceremony after he had completed his art pieces. During the gathering, one of his elders spoke on the importance of not just looking at the things you do with your physical eyes but also with your spiritual eye. “I’ve been trying to find a way to summarise what my work is about, and that was the perfect title,” Masonwabe says on how he resonated with what his elder had said.

A fitting title for his latest body of work, his creations reverberate with those who come across them. An artist who creates with purpose and respect, he has gained a better understanding of what his art does for people. 

Masonwabe Ntloko presents his Iliso Lo Moya

Iliso Lo Moya is a natural progression to where his career is heading. He continues his journey of telling spiritually rich stories rooted in culture and heritage through his art. 2022 saw him present his highly acclaimed rug exhibition with Airloom. This year, Masonwabe will partner with Katmo Gallery – an art space owned by photographer, artist and art director  Katlego Mokubyane in the northern suburb of Johannesburg. Originally intended to be showcased later in the year, the opportunity came, and Masonwabe took it without hesitation. “uKatlego had just opened up a gallery, and he thought I would be the perfect person to exhibit with,” Masonwabe says. By then, the work was complete and ready to be presented for the world to consume.

Previous works by Masonwabe were more of a reflection of his family and personal experiences. Iliso Lo Moya will see Masonwabe explore the balance between spirituality and religion. Through the eye of being raised in a home that holds the two practices in high regard, you can expect to see him question what traditions and beliefs within the two realms should take president in one’s being and journey. 

Best known for his commercial works, he has learned from each one, allowing him to cultivate his creative skill. Brands Masonwabe has worked with are:

  • Airloom
  • Yogi Sip
  • Warner Music Africa
  • Sony Music, Universal Music
  • The Charlotte Maxeke Institution
  • Markham,
  • The Mandela Legacy
  • Rocking the Daisies

Open to the public for one night only on the 23rd of February, Masonwabe Ntloko‘s solo exhibition – Iliso Lo Moya – is free to everyone. 

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