Inkabi Zezwe depict the woes of love in their new single ‘Sayona’

June 20, 2023
Inkabi Zezwe

The long wait is over as award-winning artists Inkabi Zezwe (Sjava and Big Zulu) have released the visuals for ‘Sayona’ the follow-up single off their acclaimed album Ukhamba. The popular musical Titans tell us about a love gone eerie. Told through the lens of a couple whose toxic traits are not enough to sustain their fading love.

The video, which was directed by Slowman Films in Johannesburg, with a lavish mansion as the backdrop and led by actors who play a domestic helper and garden keeper respectively; brings to life the sad reality of a toxic love song. Sjava and Big Zulu echo the ongoing storyline of a jaded love affair, by appearing in performance shots at different locations of the house, as well as solo scenes where they are partnered – throughout the video.

“Sayona, Sayona sasinento entle Sayona thina, amaphutha ethu sawawona kodwa akusizi ngoba impilo zethu zishile,” the opening line from Sjava sets the scene of a man who is hurting from being apart from his lady love, and how much he still cares for her despite the acceptance that they could never be together.

Ayi ngikwenze konke, ngikunike konke kodwa awunelanga ngoba wandijikela. Ayi kodwa akusasizi nawe awungisizi komunye umhlaba ngabe impilo zethu zishinshile. Ayi ngifisela injabulo nothando nempilo entle dali wam,” croons an emotional Big Zulu, expressing his anger and disappointment for his lover and her betrayal.

Ending the video with the male lead giving off a gut-wrenching cry; ‘Sayona’ isa song that provides solace to those who are mourning the loss of friendships or romantic relationships alike and the acceptance thereof.

“We live in times, where we always blame our partners for wrongdoings when relationships don’t work out. It is important that both take accountability for their role in the mishap and that’s the take-home we want people to receive upon watching this music video,” says Inkabi Zezwe.

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