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Dream On with aromatherapy Pillow Patches

June 20, 2023

All aboard the luxury train to Dreamland with brand-new local brand Dream On! Expect fragrant stops along the way to relaxation, tranquillity and deep sleep.

Easy-to-use Dream On aromatherapy Pillow Patches are made with a curated blend of essential oils to promote sleep, relaxation and anxiety relief. The brainchild of Abigail Bisogno and Ken Lazarus, both seasoned retailers and entrepreneurs, the Pillow Patches use the ancient therapeutic practice of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy encourages healing through the power of scent. Plant extracts (essential oils) such as lavender, sandalwood, rose, jasmine and bergamot harbour specific scent molecules that, when inhaled, travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain’s emotional centre. For Bisogno and Lazarus, it was a no-brainer to create a practical way to use these benefits for a deeper, more relaxing sleep.

Dream On

During sleep, the body rejuvenates and maintains physical health and works to support healthy brain function. If your sleep is inadequate over a long period, it can raise the risk of health issues. 

“Quality sleep is so crucial for overall health and wellness,” says Bisogno. “To be able to create a product that makes it easy for users to tap into the benefits of essential oils for sleep is a dream come true — excuse the pun.”

Dream On Pillow Patches

How do they work? Place one of the unique aromatherapy patches in your pillowcase onto the pillow itself, where the oils will release soothing aromas that have long been considered natural remedies, promote healthy sleep and relaxation, and relieve anxiety.

Sleep specialist Debbie ReindersHall from The Hall Collection says that “with all the pressures and stresses of today’s world, and particularly after covid, it’s become harder to get a good night’s rest and yet the deep irony is that we’re all craving better quality sleep. That’s where aromatherapy comes in, because essential oils can help bring us closer to an optimal sleep experience – and they smell amazing, too!”

Each pack of Dream On Pillow Patches in the range contains three non-allergenic patches that release healing aromatherapeutic properties. Choose from Field of Dreams, made with bergamot and lavender; Sweet Dreams, with lavender and lemongrass; Serene Sleep, with ylang-ylang and bergamot; and Mystical Journey, with cedarwood and ylang-ylang.

Bisogno and Lazarus aim to broaden their range of fragrances to include African herbs with therapeutic qualities that promote sleep and aid bronchial ailments.

The patches are made in a small factory near Hermanus in the Western Cape, an area with historically high unemployment, as part of the company’s mission to provide employment and establish a lasting, meaningful position in the community to improve lives.

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