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Nomcebo Zikode unveils her official fragrance – Duchess

December 14, 2021

Nomcebo Zikode is diving into the world of celebrity fragrances. So what made the Xola moya wam’ hitmaker and perfumer lover decide to come out with her own perfume? 

Here’s everything you need to know about her much anticipated new fragrance ‘Duchess’.

1. partnered with retail giant Jet to exclusively launch the Duchess fragrance range. How was your new scent conceptualised? 

I love smelling good and I believe that smelling good gives people the perception of cleanliness. A perfume scent tells who you are. I’ve been complimented on how I smell and, because of that, I wanted to invest in launching my perfume range. When Jet realised there is a market for my brand to expand with them, my team, along with theirs, began this partnership to materialise my dream seeing as we share a common interest.

2. You’re known for your confidence, fiery energy and beautiful boldness especially when performing. Would you say your fragrance — Duchess — is the perfect reflection of your vivacious personality?

I believe so. Duchess is available in three ranges – RadianceGlamazon and Royal Gold. The perfumes have day and night versions and, respectively, offer fresh and intense scents. All the fragrances in the range have their distinguished character. The choices are truly diverse and are an extension of my personality.

Nomcebo Zikode
Duchess by Nomxebo Zikode is now available at Jet stores nationwide.

3. The packaging alone is sophisticated but how would you describe the scent and which ingredients were sourced for the notes?

Duchess has it all. Not everyone likes sweet and intense fragrances. I just focused on the scents not being too overwhelming. I wanted a balance of strong silage, projection and longevity. That, for me, is an irresistible combination. The range is very practical shifting from an extremely powdery and light day scent to a warm amber and spicy representing the bold night scent.

4. Which sort of feelings do you hope those wearing Duchess will associate the fragrance with?

Duchess is a feminine perfume, but the scent isn’t so restricting that it can’t be considered unisex. However, I had the women in mind. I wanted them to feel sexy and confident. For me, a glamorous woman means you practice self-love. You are bold, independent and clean. That’s why I even named one of the perfumes in the range “Glamazon”.

5. Lastly, your interest in the perfume industry is yet another indication of how you’re just getting started. What seems to be the inspiration behind all that you venture into?

I’m always telling my story, especially with my lyrics to say you are bigger than your circumstances and I believe in trying by all means to uplift yourself. I come from Hammersdale, a township in KwaZulu Natal and, regardless of my background, I had the drive to achieve my dreams. Whatever money I earned I invested in myself. Poverty is a reality for many South Africans and with the work of my foundation, I’m able to provide full school uniforms to pupils from disadvantaged households because I can relate to that pain. I don’t want our kids to go through that. I want to be an example. Many believed I wouldn’t amount to much in my life yet today my perfume range and clothing line is available at Jet. I am so grateful for the support given to me on my journey.

Nomcebo’s much-anticipated perfume range did not disappoint. The singer describes her fragrances to be as vivacious as she is and with three scents to choose from, her fans are truly spoilt for choice. Duchess is set to be a sellout and is now available in Jet store’s nationwide. We can’t wait to have a whiff. 

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