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Join Cadbury Lunch Bar and share your #LegendaryLifeLessons

April 25, 2022

The 4th Industrial Revolution requires the youth to develop a certain level of social literacy in order to thrive. Recognsing this need, Cadbury Lunch Bar has embarked on a mission to fuel Mzansi with collective goodness by bringing much much more to the next generation.

It is in the spirit of collective goodness that Cadbury Lunch Bar has partnered with legendary musician, producer and businessman Khuli Chana to inspire our youth. Through its Behind Every Legend initiative, Khuli Chana will share legendary life lessons that you wouldn’t learn at school. These will include tips and tools to encourage holistic development that goes beyond academics and relates to the development of character as well as social skills.

“I’m honoured to be considered a legend and to be able to share some of the lessons I’ve learnt, both in the difficult and easier times. It’s through sharing that we help one another grow. Our youth need to know that they have our support, that we’re rooting for them and that together we can do much, much more. We’ve all needed someone to open a door for us, teach us a valuable lesson or share words of encouragement,” says Khuli Chana.

BlaQSmith, Mbali Sebapu and Khuli Chana gave us #LegendaryLifeLessons that we can use in the real world.

The power of collective goodness

Cadbury Lunch Bar believes that there are no shortcuts or elevators to the top. It is with the support of the right people and the right knowledge that you can make it.

“We have the opportunity to normalise collective goodness and create a legacy of collective success. Teamwork and collaboration are critical skills required to thrive in the 4th industrial revolution. Our intention is to inspire our audience to embrace all the knowledgeable resources around them and tap into the insights and experience of the right people, because as Khuli says ‘success is a collective journey’. Through sharing we can equip one another with the social skills that move us to the next level,” shares Lara Sidersky Mondelez SA Category Lead for Chocolate.

Because Lunch Bar is all about the power of community, they’ve partnered with other legends to share even more #LegendaryLifeLessons.

“Cadbury Lunch Bar is excited to put purpose into action and create a positive impact through its Behind Every Legend initiative. Using relatable and engaging conversations we want to improve the social development of youth so that they can become legends themselves,” ends Sidersky.

Join the conversation and use #LegendaryLifeLessons on InstagramTwitter and Facebook to share the advice that helped you achieve success or ask our legends a question.

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