Justine is introducing new hers and his perfumes in time for the gifting season

October 3, 2023

Justine gives us the perfect Christmas gift for both him and her

A Pure fragrance for both Him and Her

South African leading beauty brand Justine has introduced a line of new and exciting fragrances for both men and women evocatively called Pure for Her and Pure for Him just in time for the gifting season.

The 50ml Pure for Her Eau de Parfum contains oils of natural origin cedarwood oil, locally sourced orange oil, vetiver oil from Madagascar, mandarin oil, bergamot oil, lemon oil, and clary sage oil. As you open the cap inspired by naturally shaped stones that represent the fragrance oils which are derived from natural origins, an inviting medley of citrus and woody notes uplifts the spirit. The fragrance opens with intoxicating notes of bergamot and orange, balanced by a floral heart of rosewood, jasmine, and violet notes. 

Justine Avon Pure for Him EDT

Aromas Inspired by Nature

The fragrance then settles to base notes of wood, cedarwood, musk, and amber woody citrus floral.

The 90ml Pure for Him Eau de Toilette is an equally alluring fragrance that is defined by a balanced woody fougère scent. Upon application, the fragrance radiates top notes of bergamot, mandarin, and violet leaf which awakens the wearer’s true self. The scent mellows to middle notes of violet leaf, cardamom, and lavender before it settles to base notes of cedarwood, vetiver, hazelnut and woody fougère. Pure for Him contains oils of natural origin bergamot from Italy, cedar from Virginia and lavandin from France.

A fragrance that will ground you in serenity

Both fragrances are targeted at younger, more progressive male and female consumers who want to be in touch with their true inner selves. Pure for Her and Pure for Him have a projection that generates a grounded feeling of serenity and has a long-lasting silage that restores and calms the senses while enhancing the wearer’s confidence.

Justine Avon Pure for Her EDP

“We are excited to introduce this line up of male and female fragrances to our range. In today’s hustle and bustle lifestyle, Pure for Her and Pure for Him infuses the senses with a sense of tranquillity and serenity, which is a welcome respite from everyday commotion. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to research, develop and source the right ingredients to formulate these winning scents, and we are confident that Pure for Her and Pure for Him will endear themselves to our customers this gifting season and beyond, and will grow to become signature scents,” says Edwin Kodinye, Justine Head of Beauty Categories.

Kodinye says in line with its true-to-nature philosophy, Pure for Her and Pure for Him uses sustainable packaging materials that will appeal to progressive and conscientious consumers who care about the environment.

Justine has won the hearts and minds of South Africans since it was launched 50 years ago. The company has successfully fused science and nature to produce world-class beauty products such as the iconic tissue oil, a breakthrough invention which is often copied but not equalled.

The brand remains committed to the promotion of women in science through the involvement of female scientists in the development of Justine products.

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