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Khuli Chana & career coach Vumi Msweli explore what’s behind every legend!

July 29, 2022

Khuli Chana recently hosted the first Lunch Bar Life Lessons: Music Edition session, where he was joined by leading career coach, Vumi Msweli, to share the learning and lessons that have helped shape his career.

Earlier this year, Lunch Bar announced its partnership with legendary musician, producer, and businessman, Khuli Chana as part of its mission to fuel Mzansi with collective goodness by bringing much much more to the next generation.

Through its Behind Every Legend initiative, Khuli Chana, together with popular social media content creators, has been sharing some of their legendary life lessons, including social literacy skills development, that you wouldn’t learn at school.

Vumi Msweli has extensive experience working closely with individuals to fast-track their trajectory in achieving their personal goals and empower them with skills to excel in their particular environment. “Giving the next generation access to the tools to thrive is vital to their success, to this end we’ve ensured the lessons we share with this audience have a tangible outcome, outlining a clear path to set and achieve your goals,” says Vumi.

Khuli maintains that ”success is a collective journey” and the session, which was held at the Khuli Chana Studios in Midrand, was the ideal opportunity to introduce the community who have helped bring his music and business partnerships to life.

Exploring the different career paths available within the music and entertainment industry, Khuli’s business partner Yithi Zulu, spoke to tactics to build longevity in the entertainment industry, while his long-time music partner KayGizm shared where to find the inspiration to create music despite difficult times.

Khuli & Vumi share a few #legendarylifelessons

Behind Every Legend
Khuli Chana tells only facts on ways to succeed. Image: Supplied

Understand your business 

This includes your income streams as well. Does your offering allow you to make money even when you’re not physically present? Are you selling your time or receiving a fixed paycheck? The average millionaire has seven streams of income. So, consider the roles different income streams play in your overall success. Your side hustle may become your main hustle and help you achieve your financial goals. Your fixed employment could pay the bills while you build your empire. Never underestimate the role each plays in your journey.

Understanding your finances

Separate your personal finance from your business finance. It will help you better manage your business finances, spot where your growth lies and understand how you spend your money. Vumi advises not to spend your money to impress your peers. Focus financial spending on building the future you want. Instant gratification doesn’t always result in long-term success.

Understand the power of collaboration

Formula 1 motor racing teams depend on their pitstop crew to refresh the vehicle and direct them onwards. Who do you have waiting at the pitstop? Who are the people that refresh you, guide you and help you reach the finish line? Select your team carefully and ensure they understand your goals and vision to enable you on your journey. Remember, your support crew don’t all have to look and think like you. Adding diversity to the people who are around you allows for different perspectives, which could open up new opportunities for you.

Understand your value

It’s very important that you know your value. If other people don’t know the value you bring you, can’t be paid for it.

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