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Laduma Ngxokolo to #StirCreativity with Bombay Sapphire

April 3, 2019
Laduma Ngxokolo to #StirCreativity with Bombay Sapphire

Last night saw the launch of Bombay Sapphire’s #StirCreativity campaign. Held at Gallery Momo in Parktown North, it was a night drenched in taste, colour, design, and raw unleashed creativity.

A worldwide campaign that first launched in London and has done its rounds in Paris, Berlin and Milan, #StirCreativity aims at giving artists a platform to showcase their creativity. With an emphasis on expressing oneself through anything and everything, Bombay also invites everyone to flex their aesthetic muscle. They encourage all of us to do so in any way we please. Whether it be painting, drawing, music, food or drink – whatever it is, let it be your creative escape.

“As Bombay Sapphire, we have a long history of fostering, curating and aspiring creativity. We want to empower and enable people to find an outlet to really discover their creative potential.” Beate Sifkovits, customer marketing manager at Bombay Sapphire.

Just Trimmings #StirCreativity #BombaySapphireSA Photo Credits: Marvin Sinclaire & Riaaz Swartz
Spotted: Celebrity chef Nti Ramaboa letting her inner painter out Photo Credits: Marvin Sinclaire & Riaaz Swartz

Promoting self-expression and unlocking the creative potential of Africa, Bombay Sapphire has partnered up with – multi-award winning designer and intellect – Laduma Ngxokolo. A knitwear and textile designer, he specialises in pattern making and is well known the world over as the creator of MaXhosa by Laduma.

Ngxokolo grew up in a time and place where Africans could only be government employees or helpers. He sees his collaboration with Bombay Sapphire as an opportunity for everyone.

“I grew up drawing, and people within my community never anticipated that creativity is a lucrative career. They had no idea that is can be commercialised,” said Laduma Ngxokolo.

Being excited about collaborating with other creatives in different fields, he is looking forward to lending his knowledge to add growth to mentees. He hopes telling his story will inspire more artists to believe in themselves and follow their passion. When asked what can South Africans expect from his partnership with Bombay Sapphire, Ngxokolo expressed with thrill that “I am looking forward to seeing how our South African audiences will engage with the many surprises we have in store for them in the next 12 months in terms of creative collaborations, online activations, in trade campaigns, limited edition packs and so much more.”

Just Trimmings #StirCreativity #BombaySapphireSA Photo Credits: Marvin Sinclaire & Riaaz Swartz
Our MC for the evening Hulisani Ravele. Photo Credits: Marvin Sinclaire & Riaaz Swartz

A MaXhosa collection was on exhibition for guests to view to their delight. These comprised of apparel, cushions, a throw-over, and phone covers all in his signature Maxhosa design.

In the adjacent space stood a stark white room that was naked and yearning for colour. In it hung two plain Maxhosa mandala canvas that welcomed bright, bold paint from anyone who chose to dress them in.

The bar space comprised of a Fever-Tree rack that displayed treats to make your mouth water. It had all the flavours and spices a cocktail kinda girl (or guy) could only melt in. From the lemon and lime, star anise and cinnamon bark, watermelon, jalapeño, cucumber and blueberries – the Fever Tree had this and that and so much more. This saw people create their own creations of art for themselves and friends. It was absolutely beautiful.

Just Trimmings #StirCreativity #BombaySapphireSA Photo Credits: Marvin Sinclaire & Riaaz Swartz
Photo Credits: Marvin Sinclaire & Riaaz Swartz

Bombay Sapphire #StirCreativity looks to find the people who express themselves in a unique form. In partnership with Ngxokolo, they will feature a couple of artists to display their own creativity in a couple of weeks. #StirCreativity is set to show and tell other artists that the world really is their canvas and they are the brush.

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