Top 5 Tips To Styling Your Kids with Ackermans

November 30, 2023

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In a world where financial constrains meet the unwavering desire for style, there is a value-focused retailer that is ready to support you. According to Statistics South Africa’s July 2023 retail trade figures, the majority of major retail sectors faced considerable pressure, except for clothing and footwear, which experienced a 6.8% increase compared to the previous year. Even with tighter budgets, the demand for fashion remains.

This summer and holiday season, Ackermans is the go-to shop, particularly for those looking to ensure that their children are dressed well and shine on every occasion.

Celebrating Your Kids’ Individuality

For many parents, navigating the distinctive worlds of young boys and girls can be an exciting journey filled with unique expressions and styles. The real difference lies not just in gender but in the diverse personalities and preferences each child possesses. Ackermans offers budget-friendly fashion tips that will celebrate your kids’ individuality, making every outfit a canvas for self-expression without breaking the bank.

“Our curated collections for young boys and girls ensure that they look and feel their best because we understand that childhood is a series of joyful moments, and we’re here to dress your little ones for every one of them,” says Stacey-Anne Scholtz, Chief Executive: Buying at Ackermans.

5 Fashion Tips To Styling Your Kids

Here are 5 smart fashion tips for parents to style their kids for every and any occasion:

  1. Comfort First: Prioritizing comfort is key when styling little ones and Ackermans understands that they are always on the move, exploring the world around them with boundless energy. The occasion wear kids range is a collection of stylish shorts, dresses, shirts, tees, and shoes that are designed to ensure optimal comfort for your little adventurers. From soft and breathable fabrics to thoughtfully crafted designs, this range allows kids to express their unique style by mixing and matching tops and bottoms for unique outfits while enjoying the freedom to play, run, and discover with ease.
  2. Every day is an occasion: Gone are the days of reserving stylish ensembles for grand events. With versatile and trendy wardrobe staples, every day is an opportunity to celebrate. Whether it is a Tuesday playdate or a spontaneous weekend adventure, if you are selecting from an array of styles and colours, ordinary moments can turn into colourful memories.
  3. Consider your Child’s Preferences: Tailor your child’s outfit choices based on the occasion and their preferences. Consider their favourite colours, patterns, and styles to involve them in the decision-making process, fostering a sense of independence and personal expression. Let each outfit be a statement of their unique personalities, making every day a special occasion worth cherishing.
  4. Accessorize: Elevating your child’s style is as simple as adding the perfect accessories. Parents can help their little ones accessorize smartly by incorporating playful elements such as cute bows, stylish hats, or fun socks. These small yet impactful additions have the power to transform any outfit into a personalized fashion statement. The best part? It does not have to break the bank!
  5. Engage and Enjoy: Dressing our little ones is not just a daily routine. It is a unique opportunity for parents to connect and engage with their children in a fun and meaningful way. Choosing outfits together becomes a delightful bonding experience, allowing parents and kids to explore personal styles, colours, and patterns. Whether it is discussing favourite colours, picking out the coolest accessories, or simply sharing a giggle over silly sock choices.

Explore Together at Ackermans

Ackermans offers an array of affordable and delightful accessories, enabling parents and kids alike to experiment with styles and create endless combinations. So, take a trip to Ackermans and explore together. With the fantastic deals on everyday basics and occasion wear, kids not only look good but also feel good. Let your kids play, run, and explore their small worlds in comfort.

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