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Level up your Fridays with MARTINI FIERO

March 23, 2022

When a company that is 159 years old launches a new offering from one of its brands, it is noteworthy. When the brand is MARTINI, it is an occasion for celebration! For South Africans, the announcement that MARTINI FIERO has reached our shores is, therefore, a special event and a chance to celebrate the taste of sunny Italy on FIERO FRIDAYS.

“MARTINI has always been about friendships and transforming everyday meetings and events into celebrations. FIERO, with its fiery colour, created by our craftsmen to specifically mix 50/50 with tonic, is the ultimate way to not only celebrate the aperitivo of today but Fridays and the end of a summer working week with friends who enjoy an exuberant, fun-filled lifestyle”, says Nkuli Khanyile, Martini Brand Ambassador.

“Sipping our new vivid red vermouth and feeling the taste of bitter-sweet orange tangerines and tonic burst tantalisingly in your mouth is a sure way of bringing back those thoughts of Summer holidays and long, lingering sunsets accompanied by leisurely, early evenings to mind”.

Nkuli Khanyile, Martini Brand Ambassador. Image: supplied.

“We predict that for South African lovers of Summer and wonderful drinks, MARTINI FIERO will soon be the drink of choice. Nowhere else will they find anything to match this unique blend of white wines and carefully sourced botanicals that include sweet Spanish oranges that are hand peeled and dried under the sun in a traditional method that protects the essential oils in the skin. Compliment the bitter-sweet orange taste of FIERO with an authentic Italian snack-and the evening is complete.”

The official launch of MARTINI FIERO

The official launch of MARTINI FIERO, which will appeal to established MARTINI enthusiasts as well as a breed of new vermouth drinkers will include a series of #FIEROFRIDAY social events, in-store promotions and exciting spot prizes. Because FIERO is all about tasting and sharing, selected introductions to the new spirit of Italy will begin with the South African version of #FIEROFRIDAY from Friday 25 February 2022 at Pablo in Sandton from 3 pm till 6 pm. The public is welcome to come and experience the brand and sip on a FIERO and tonic as they are ushered into the world of #FIEROFRIDAY – it’s a world they will enjoy! “This launch will be followed by an in-store competition that will offer winners the opportunity to have an unforgettable summer. Details will be announced in due course”, says Khanyile.

“‘FIERO’ in Italian means ‘proud’, ‘intense’ and ‘bold’. They are the words that truly sum up the character of our new drink. We are justly proud of our hand-selected natural ingredients and time-honoured production methods. Mostly, we are proud that we are bringing flavour, fun and quality to cocktail lovers in equal measure”, concludes Khanyile.

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