Warner Music South Africa drops eagerly anticipated single from Lil Mo, DJ Jaivane & Entity Musiq

September 14, 2020

Warner Music South Africa and Miza Productions present ‘Lalela’ from amapiano contenders Lil Mo, DJ Jaivane & Entity Music feat. Msheke. 

‘Lalela’is a deep tech fusion featuring amapiano on the beat and call to the dancefloor vocals from Msheke. Says Msheke of the song – ‘Lalela’ targets the youth, basically warning them, pleading them to listen to your elders and accept their intrinsic knowledge.” 

The introductory tribal vocals and harmonies add a weeping effect that that echoes the wailing of the piano. The song has fused the sounds of breakbeats, amapiano and deep tech to produce an earworm that will surely have you tapping your feet – or in the case of “Amapiano” pouncing like a cat.

Says Entity Musiq, the self-taught Amapiano duo, “Working with the guys is always a great learning experience. Every time we get in the studio, we always explore different sounds unique to Amapiano. I’d say we learn a lot from each other through every studio session and it’s such a great experience which is inspiring at the same time.”

The next step in the Amapiano journey starts here. ‘Lalela’ is out on all digital music services now.

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