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LYFE: More than a music Festival

October 4, 2023

YFM’s Con Hill Weekend: The Summer of Our LYFE

It wasn’t just the spring heat we experienced this past weekend at Con Hill (as the kids call it); YFM also brought the heat with the lineup and the 2 stages perfectly positioned away from each other. The venue was wheelchair friendly and it was awesome to see ramps all over the site.

Festivalgoers were treated to more than just great music and a star-studded line-up. It was certainly giving carnival vibes. When you weren’t dancing by the main stage you had the option of exploring amazing spaces. 

Y gave everyone the best time of their LYFE.

The Ultimate Weekend Experience In Your LYFE

Y had it all for everyone. This ranged from a variety of entertainment options and activities, including:

  • A Gaming Area: Fully equipped with a play station wing, table tennis, hoop shooting, an E-Vod activation space, classic arcade games and a claw machine if you rate your accuracy skills as top tier.
  • A Captain Morgan silent disco and cocktail sampling section. My personal favourite was A Captain Gains cocktail. A unique version of the Cuban Mojito. All you need is some Captain Morgan Jamaica Rum, Coke Zero, loads of crushed ice and some lime to garnish. “Dangerously delicious and refreshing!” warned the bartender.  
  • A giant merry-go-round swing. I wouldn’t advise after one too many Captain Morgan cocktails
  • A variety of food stalls to satisfy any pallet.
  • A Rock Star Energy drink stall that featured a 360° booth
  • An excellent view of the popular Joburg CBD skyline
Ayanda MVP paid homage to the goats that continue to make Hip-Hop great.

We need to mention the inclusion of female DJs and artists on the line-up. Shout out to YFM for curating an event that show cased a large number of female talent. We were celebrating 50 years of Hip-Hop and Ayanda MVP had a set that paid homage to the occasion.  

By 6pm the venue was packed, good vibes were in the air, all the Tik-Tok dance challenges were in full view, Captain Morgan cocktails were flowing, the “Drip game” was on fleek and it’s safe to say it was #TheSummerOfOurLYFE.

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