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Spring Fiesta: Dance culture’s National Holiday!

October 9, 2023

Spring Fiesta 2023: An Unforgettable Music Festival Experience

Spring Fiesta 2023 Highlights

Wild Waters came alive on Saturday the 7th of October at this year’s Spring Fiesta. Thousands poured in to live it up with the best talent in the industry and party the night away

Ticket options gave festivalgoers choice between:

  • VVIP
    Laid back vibes, intimate booths, canapés, sipping on champagne, sitting in the shade on a raised viewing deck located by the main stage. The aim was to see and be seen!
  • VIP
    Situated directly underneath the VVIP deck. This area was for the kids who came to dance and socialise. The upper area featured a cocktail style lounge, a 360° video booth, a confectionary stall, hubbly pipes for hire and a quieter hidden bar area. The lower deck had a direct view of the main stage and proximity to witnessing the daredevils who opted to swim in the pool beneath the deck.
  • General Access
    The ultimate pass for true music lovers! All you needed was a comfortable pair of shoes, sunscreen, a Jägermeister cocktail in hand, a power bank for your phone to record all the action and a booster pack of energy to keep walking around to all 6 stages. 

A feast for all music lovers

There was a “This is Hip hop” stage hosted by PH. “Piano Dreamland” hosted by Gazza. “Stay True sounds” for those that love deep house. “Bakone Afro Tech Stage” hosted by Da Capo. “Soul Candi Classics” which featured the likes of DJ Fresh, DJ Clock and Mo Flava. The main stage boasted headliners such as Uncle Waffles and DJ Tira with its hosts Nomalanga Shozi and Zane Gulstan. The occasional bursts of confetti and flame throwing had the crowd going wild.

Spring Fiesta
Mo Flava on the decks at Spring Fiesta

You needed a clone of yourself at some point. Every stage had a different ambience and energy. That’s the charm of Spring Fiesta. An unparalleled experience which houses a diverse and niche lineup. Most of us needed to have a few arguments with our friends when deciding which stage to go to next. 

You just needed to be there. 

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