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Live the Boss Life with Savanna this Summer

December 19, 2023

Unlock Your Boss Lifestyle with Savanna Boss Bonuses!

After having dug deep and lagged at all your boss’s jokes throughout the year, you deserve the last laugh over bonus season. Forget the usual in-cider trading drama, there is an easier way to cash in for a bonus and live it up, boss style. Picture this: you and yours, living the boss life, sipping on some crisp and dry Savanna Premium Cider and chuckling at life – sounds epic, right?

Savanna’s 1 Million Rand Giveaway!

Savanna is giving away 1 Million rands worth in cash prizes this Summer. Throughout the year you are grinding away in your day jobs, daydreaming of an in-cider cash injection over the festive season, skawara Savanna’s got your back.

‘Siyavanna South Ahh, we know you have been doing your best to secure that 13th cheque’ says Kayla Hendricks, Savanna’s Senior Brand Manager. ‘Whether you’ve never had a bonus, or your company is tightening the purse strings, everyone deserves a taste of the boss life this Dezemba. And Savanna Boss Bonuses are calling your name.’

Fede, what do you need to do to bank one of these Boss Bonuses? Just buy any crisp and dry Savanna, dial *120*20086# or scan the QR code, enter your undercap code, and voila! You’re in the running to claim one of ten Boss Bonuses.

Join the Fun with Mpho Popps and uBova!

Savanna’s on a mission to add some much needed lags to your festive, so who better to join forces with than comedian extraordinaire, Mpho Popps and his pet friend, uBova, having some nice times. So, embrace the laughter, sip that Savanna and may the boss vibes be ever in your favour.

‘Our wish is for everyone to have a safe, laughter-filled festive season, drinking nicely while living it up like a true boss.’ says Hendricks.

There you have it. Savanna, the key to your Boss Lifestyle this Festive.

Savanna – It’s dry, but you can drink it.”

#SavannaBossBonus #DrinkNicely

Savanna promotes responsible drinking. Not for persons under 18. 


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