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Master the trends with Playgirl Beauty

April 11, 2022

Playgirl Beauty is giving makeup enthusiasts the opportunity to master trendy makeup styles. They have launched single eyeshadows in an assortment of new shades, innovative formulas, two versatile mascaras, and the Double Trouble gel liner and shadow. 

“Keeping on top of the trends is key and offering a trend-driven, high-quality product at great prices remains our philosophy and key driver,” says Beauty Brand Manager Tanita le Roux.

Eye see you! 

Playgirl Beauty will now include single eyeshadows in various shades and colours. The textures and formulas of these eyeshadows are market-leading and include: 

  • Matte
  • Mousse
  • Marble
  • Holographic 
  • Metallic 
Playgirl Beauty
Playgirl Beauty single eyeshadow in marble

A real treat for make-up lovers who can create an abundance of looks with these eyeshadows. 

The all-new Playgirl Beauty Double Trouble gel liner and shadow 2-in-1 pot is available in 12 shades. This duo includes a versatile formula that can be used as a graphic liner, as well as a long stay, blendable eyeshadow. The creamy texture, decadent shades, and simple application ensure that it is long-lasting and a pleasure to work with.

Long lashes, high standards! 

Two new Playgirl Beauty products entering the mascara market, are the Playproof Waterproof Mascara and Lash Like a Boss Extra Volume Mascara. These two market-leading mascaras are smear-proof and long-lasting to extend and enhance natural lashes.

These new additions to the Playgirl Beauty range are designed and formulated to help achieve a variety of trendy graphic eye looks. The incredible colours, textures and formulas of the eyeshadow, the precision from the Double Trouble gel liner and shadow, and the long lash formulas of the new mascaras are a must in any makeup drawer. It’s perfect to use when trying out the following makeup looks: 

The Double graphic liner look

To achieve this look, you need to start by: 

  • Draw a winged liner that runs along your lash line and extends outwards.
  • Next, create a second wing by drawing an arching line along the cut crease. This is the fold of your eyelid between your brow bone and your eye socket of your lid and connecting it to the tip of the first winged line. 
Playgirl Beauty
The double-cut crease cat eye makeup is turning out to be one for the ages.

The Euphoria inspired eye

To achieve this look is simple. The time to have fun experimenting with your chosen eyeshadows is now. Create a striking and dramatic eye look and top it off with crystals to help enhance your design and lines. 

The Floating crease

For this trendy look, first, locate your crease. From then on, draw a floating crease line above your natural crease. Make sure the floating crease can be seen when your eyes are open. 

“The best way to enjoy your makeup and try out new trends is to experiment. Have fun and use a product that offers you options that best express who you are,” says Le Roux.

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